Interim Leadership Services

NACHC, in conjunction with Ray and Associates, LLC, offers the Interim Officer Service to provide health centers with access to experienced, qualified, and talented individuals who can serve as temporary CEOs, COOs, and CFOs of health centers throughout the country.

Furthermore, we seek to match your specific problems and demographics with a specific individual who meets those criteria.

Combining more than 125 years of direct hands-on executive health center leadership, these individuals provide immediate assistance to health centers facing:

  • Executive leadership transition for any reason, including retirement, illness, leave of absence;
  • The need for experienced leadership and mentoring for an inexperienced CEO/CFO/COO;
  • Reorganization or stabilization issues;
  • Recruitment assistance for a new CEO, CFO, or COO as well as interim management services during the recruitment process;
  • A need for another pair of experienced executive hands during expansion of facilities or services, merger and acquisition projects, or a complete corporate reorganization.

Contracts may be short- or long-term and are negotiable on an individual basis, based on the specific needs and objectives of the health center.

To learn more about this service or to request assistance, please contact Sheila Ray ( or 480-636-8600) or Dave Taylor at NACHC ( or 301-347-0400).