About Our Health Centers

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Community Health Centers serve the primary healthcare needs of more than 24 million patients in over 9,000 locations across America. They play a crucial role in the nation’s healthcare system, providing affordable health services for millions of uninsured, the working poor and newly jobless Americans. Health centers are good for the country. They lower overall healthcare costs, improve the health of their patients and generate economic opportunities in the communities they serve by providing jobs and training for local people.   

Community Health Centers create savings in healthcare every time a patient opts for an exam and treatment at the first sign of a health issue instead of waiting until a costly emergency room visit or hospitalization is the only option.   

Each health center takes a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of the people in its surrounding community. That local approach to healthcare, combined with an emphasis on comprehensive preventative care, generates $24 billion in annual savings to the healthcare system - for the American taxpayer, local, state and federal governments and public and private payers alike.




“Our Story” (Long version)

“What is a Community Health Center?” (Short version)

“Careers” (The benefits of working at a Health Center)


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