Congressional District Fact Sheets

There are federally-funded Health Centers in 98 percent of Congressional Districts in the United States. Below, organized by state and district, are maps and lists of Health Center organizations and locations. The fact sheets also show the total number of patients and the total federal investment leveraged by Health Center organizations with a presence in each district.


1st District- Bradley Byrne

2nd District- Martha Roby

3rd District- Mike Rogers

4th District- Robert Aderholt

5th District- Mo Brooks

6th District- Gary Palmer

7th District- Terri Sewell



At Large- Don Young



At Large- Amata Coleman Radewagen



1st District- Tom O’Halleran

2nd District- Martha McSally

3rd District- Raul Grijalva

4th District- Paul Gosar

5th District- Andy Biggs

6th District- David Schweikert

7th District- Ruben Gallego

8th District- Trent Franks

9th District- Kyrsten Sinema



1st District- Rick Crawford

2nd District- French Hill

3rd District- Steve Womack

4th District- Bruce Westerman



1st District- Doug LaMalfa

2nd District- Jared Huffman

3rd District- John Garamendi

4th District- Tom McClintock

5th District- Mike Thompson

6th District- Doris Matsui

7th District- Ami Bera

8th District- Paul Cook

9th District- Jerry McNerney

10th District- Jeff Denham

11th District- Mark DeSaulnier

12th District- Nancy Pelosi

13th District- Barbara Lee

14th District- Jackie Speier

15th District- Eric Swalwell

16th District- Jim Costa

17th District- Ro Khanna

18th District- Anna Eshoo

19th District- Zoe Lofgren

20th District- Jimmy Panetta

21st District- David Valadao

22nd District- Devin Nunes

23rd District- Kevin McCarthy

24th District- Salud Carbajal

25th District- Steve Knight

26th District- Julia Brownley

27th District- Judy Chu

28th District- Adam Schiff

29th District- Tony Cardenas

30th District- Brad Sherman

31st District- Pete Aguilar

32nd District- Grace Napolitano

33rd District- Ted Lieu

34th District- Jimmy Gomez

35th District- Norma Torres

36th District-Raul Ruiz

37th District- Karen Bass

38th District- Linda Sánchez

39th District- Ed Royce

40th District- Lucille Roybal-Allard

41st District- Mark Takano

42nd District- Ken Calvert

43rd District- Maxine Waters

44th District- Nanette Barragán

45th District- Mimi Walters

46th District-Lou Correa

47th District- Alan Lowenthal

48th District- Dana Rohrabacher

49th District- Darrell Issa

50th District-Duncan D. Hunter

51st District- Juan Vargas

52nd District- Scott Peters

53rd District- Susan Davis



1st District- Diana DeGette

2nd District- Jared Polis

3rd District- Scott Tipton

4th District- Ken Buck

5th District- Doug Lamborn

6th District- Mike Coffman

7th District- Ed Perlmutter



1st District- John B. Larson

2nd District- Joe Courtney

3rd District- Rosa DeLauro

4th District- Jim Himes

5th District- Elizabeth Esty



At Large District- Lisa Blunt Rochester



At Large District- Eleanor Holmes Norton



1st District-Matt Gaetz

2nd District- Neal Dunn

3rd District- Ted Yoho

4th District- John Rutherford

5th District- Al Lawson

6th District- Ron DeSantis

7th District- Stephanie Murphy

8th District- Bill Posey

9th District- Darren Soto

10th District- Val Demings

11th District- Daniel Webster

12th District- Gus M. Bilirakis

13th District- Charlie Crist

14th District- Kathy Castor

15th District- Dennis A. Ross

16th District- Vern Buchanan

17th District- Tom Rooney

18th District- Brian Mast

19th District- Francis Rooney

20th District- Alcee Hastings

21st District- Lois Frankel

22nd District- Ted Deutch

23rd District- Debbie Wasserman Schultz

24th District- Frederica Wilson

25th District- Mario Díaz-Balart

26th District- Carlos Curbelo

27th District- Ileana Ros-Lehtinen



1st District- Buddy Carter

2nd District- Sanford Bishop, Jr.

3rd District- Drew Ferguson

4th District- Hank Johnson

5th District- John Lewis

6th District- Karen Handel

7th District- Rob Woodall

8th District- Austin Scott

9th District- Doug Collins

10th District- Jody Hice

11th District- Barry Loudermilk

12th District- Rick W. Allen

13th District- David Scott

14th District- Tom Graves



At Large District- Madeleine Bordallo



1st District- Colleen Hanabusa

2nd District- Tulsi Gabbard



1st District- Raúl Labrador

2nd District- Mike Simpson



1st District-Bobby Rush

2nd District- Robin Kelly

3rd District- Dan Lipinski

4th District- Luis Gutiérrez

5th District- Mike Quigley

6th District- Peter Roskam

7th District- Danny K. Davis

8th District- Raja Krishnamoorthi

9th District- Jan Schakowsky

10th District- Brad Schneider

11th District- Bill Foster

12th District- Mike Bost

13th District- Rodney Davis

14th District- Randy Hultgren

15th District- John Shimkus

16th District- Adam Kinzinger

17th District- Cheri Bustos

18th District- Darin LaHood



1st District- Pete Visclosky

2nd District- Jackie Walorski

3rd District- Jim Banks

4th District- Todd Rokita

5th District- Susan Brooks

6th District- Luke Messer

7th District- André Carson

8th District- Larry Bucshon

9th District- Trey Hollingsworth



1st District- Rod Blum

2nd District- Dave Loebsack

3rd District- David Young

4th District- Steve King



1st District- Roger Marshall

2nd District- Lynn Jenkins

3rd District- Kevin Yoder

4th District- Ron Estes



1st District- James Comer

2nd District- Brett Guthrie

3rd District- John Yarmuth

4th District- Thomas Massie

5th District- Hal Rogers

6th District- Andy Barr



1st District- Steve Scalise

2nd District- Cedric Richmond

3rd District- Clay Higgins

4th District- Mike Johnson

5th District- Ralph Abraham

6th District- Garret Graves



1st District- Chellie Pingree

2nd District- Bruce Poliquin



1st District- Andy Harris

2nd District- Dutch Ruppersberger

3rd District- John Sarbanes

4th District- Anthony G. Brown

5th District- Steny Hoyer

6th District- John Delaney

7th District- Elijah Cummings

8th District- Jamie Raskin



1st District- Richard Neal

2nd District- Jim McGovern

3rd District-Niki Tsongas

4th District- Joseph P. Kennedy III

5th District- Katherine Clark

6th District- Seth Moulton

7th District- Mike Capuano

8th District- Stephen F. Lynch

9th District- Bill Keating



1st District- Jack Bergman

2nd District- Bill Huizenga

3rd District- Justin Amash

4th District- John Moolenaar

5th District- Dan Kildee

6th District- Fred Upton

7th District- Tim Walberg

8th District- Mike Bishop

9th District- Sander Levin

10th District- Paul Mitchell

11th District- Dave Trott

12th District- Debbie Dingell

13th District- John Conyers

14th District- Brenda Lawrence



1st District- Tim Walz

2nd District- Jason Lewis

3rd District- Erik Paulsen

4th District- Betty McCollum

5th District- Keith Ellison

6th District- Tom Emmer

7th District- Collin Peterson

8th District- Rick Nolan



1st District- Trent Kelly

2nd District- Bennie Thompson

3rd District- Gregg Harper

4th District- Steven Palazzo



1st District- Lacy Clay

2nd District- Ann Wagner

3rd District- Blaine Luetkemeyer

4th District- Vicky Hartzler

5th District- Emanuel Cleaver

6th District- Sam Graves

7th District- Billy Long

8th District- Jason T. Smith



At Large District- Greg Gianforte



1st District- Jeff Fortenberry

2nd District- Don Bacon

3rd District- Adrian Smith


1st District- Dina Titus

2nd District- Mark Amodei

3rd District- Jacky Rosen

4th District- Ruben Kihuen



1st District- Carol Shea-Porter

2nd District- Ann McLane Kuster



1st District- Donald Norcross

2nd District- Frank LoBiondo

3rd District- Tom MacArthur

4th District- Chris Smith

5th District- Josh Gottheimer

6th District- Frank Pallone

7th District- Leonard Lance

8th District- Albio Sires

9th District- Bill Pascrell

10th District- Donald Payne Jr.

11th District- Rodney Frelinghuysen

12th District- Bonnie Watson Coleman



1st District- Michelle Lujan Grisham

2nd District- Steve Pearce

3rd District- Ben Ray Luján



1st District- Lee Zeldin

2nd District- Peter T. King

3rd District- Thomas Suozzi

4th District- Kathleen Rice

5th District- Gregory Meeks

6th District- Grace Meng

7th District- Nydia Velázquez

8th District- Hakeem Jeffries

9th District- Yvette Clarke

10th District- Jerrold Nadler

11th District- Dan Donovan

12th District- Carolyn Maloney

13th District- Adriano Espaillat

14th District- Joseph Crowley

15th District- José E. Serrano

16th District- Eliot Engel

17th District- Nita Lowey

18th District- Sean Patrick Maloney

19th District- John Faso

20th District- Paul Tonko

21st District- Elise Stefanik

22nd District- Claudia Tenney

23rd District- Tom Reed

24th District- John Katko

25th District- Louise Slaughter

26th District- Brian Higgins

27th District- Chris Collins



1st District- G. K. Butterfield

2nd District- George Holding

3rd District- Walter B. Jones Jr.

4th District- David Price

5th District- Virginia Foxx

6th District- Mark Walker

7th District- David Rouzer

8th District- Richard Hudson

9th District- Robert Pittenger

10th District- Patrick McHenry

11th District- Mark Meadows

12th District- Alma Adams

13th District- Ted Budd



At Large District- Kevin Cramer



1st District- Steve Chabot

2nd District- Brad Wenstrup

3rd District- Joyce Beatty

4th District- Jim Jordan

5th District- Bob Latta

6th District- Bill Johnson

7th District- Bob Gibbs

8th District- Warren Davidson

9th District- Marcy Kaptur

10th District- Mike Turner

11th District- Marcia Fudge

12th District- Pat Tiberi

13th District- Tim Ryan

14th District- David Joyce

15th District- Steve Stivers

16th District- Jim Renacci



1st District- Jim Bridenstine

2nd District- Markwayne Mullin

3rd District- Frank Lucas

4th District- Tom Cole

5th District- Steve Russell



1st District- Suzanne Bonamici

2nd District- Greg Walden

3rd District- Earl Blumenauer

4th District- Peter DeFazio

5th District- Kurt Schrader


1st District- Bob Brady

2nd District- Dwight Evans

3rd District- Mike Kelly

4th District- Scott Perry

5th District- Glenn Thompson

6th District- Ryan Costello

7th District- Pat Meehan

8th District- Brian Fitzpatrick

9th District- Bill Shuster

10th District- Tom Marino

11th District- Lou Barletta

12th District- Keith Rothfus

13th District- Brendan Boyle

14th District- Michael F. Doyle

15th District- Charlie Dent

16th District- Lloyd Smucker

17th District- Matt Cartwright

18th District- Timothy F. Murphy



At Large District- Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón



1st District-David Cicilline

2nd District- James Langevin



1st District- Mark Sanford

2nd District- Joe Wilson

3rd District- Jeff Duncan

4th District- Trey Gowdy

5th District- Ralph Norman

6th District- Jim Clyburn

7th District- Tom Rice



At Large District- Kristi Noem



1st District- Phil Roe

2nd District- Jimmy Duncan

3rd District- Chuck Fleischmann

4th District- Scott DesJarlais

5th District- Jim Cooper

6th District- Diane Black

7th District- Marsha Blackburn

8th District- David Kustoff

9th District- Steve Cohen



1st District- Louie Gohmert

2nd District- Ted Poe

3rd District- Sam Johnson

4th District- John Ratcliffe

5th District- Jeb Hensarling

6th District- Joe Barton

7th District- John Culberson

8th District- Kevin Brady

9th District- Al Green

10th District- Michael McCaul

11th District- Mike Conaway

12th District- Kay Granger

13th District- Mac Thornberry

14th District- Randy Weber

15th District- Vicente González

16th District- Beto O’Rourke

17th District- Bill Flores

18th District- Sheila Jackson Lee

19th District- Jodey Arrington

20th District- Joaquín Castro

21st District- Lamar S. Smith

22nd District- Pete Olson

23rd District- Will Hurd

24th District- Kenny Marchant

25th District- Roger Williams

26th District- Michael C. Burgess

27th District- Blake Farenthold

28th District- Henry Cuellar

29th District- Gene Green

30th District- Eddie Bernice Johnson

31st District- John Carter

32nd District- Pete Sessions

33rd District- Marc Veasey

34th District- Filemon Vela Jr.

35th District- Lloyd Doggett

36th District- Brian Babin



1st District- Rob Bishop

2nd District- Chris Stewart

3rd District- John Curtis

4th District- Mia Love



At Large District- Peter Welch



At Large District- Stacey Plaskett



1st District- Rob Wittman

2nd District- Scott Taylor

3rd District- Bobby Scott

4th District- Donald McEachin

5th District- Thomas Garrett, Jr.

6th District- Bob Goodlatte

7th District- Dave Brat

8th District- Don Beyer

9th District- Morgan Griffith

10th District- Barbara Comstock

11th District- Gerry Connolly



1st District- Suzan DelBene

2nd District- Rick Larsen

3rd District- Jaime Herrera Beutler

4th District- Dan Newhouse

5th District- Cathy McMorris Rodgers

6th District- Derek Kilmer

7th District- Pramila Jayapal

8th District- Dave Reichert

9th District- Adam Smith

10th District- Dennis Heck



1st District- David McKinley

2nd District- Alex Mooney

3rd District- Evan Jenkins



1st District- Paul Ryan

2nd District- Mark Pocan

3rd District- Ron Kind

4th District- Gwen Moore

5th District- Jim Sensenbrenner

6th District- Glenn Grothman

7th District- Sean Duffy

8th District- Mike Gallagher



At Large District- Liz Cheney