Health Center Facts

Community Health Centers currently serve as the primary care medical home for over 28 million people – including more than 355,000 veterans —  in over 11,000 communities across America.

Nearly half (44 percent) of health centers are located in rural communities, where people may have to drive long distances for a hospital or doctor visit.

Health centers generate $54.6 billion in economic activity for their local communities each year and employ over 220,000 people of all skills and education levels, including our nation’s veterans.

Health centers work with emergency responders on the ground when natural disasters strike, such as hurricanes and fire.   They are also addressing “man-made” disasters, such as the national opioid use epidemic, which caused 47,600 overdose deaths in 2017.

Health centers are a unique model run by patient-majority governing boards who navigate how the centers target chronic disease and safeguard resources.  At least 51 percent of every health centers board must be comprised of patients.