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Nominations for the 2018 Community Health Care Awards of Excellence are now closed. Join us at the 2018 Community Health Institute & EXPO to see the awardees.

2018 NACHC Community Health Care Awards of Excellence

Each year, the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) honors outstanding men and women of the Community Health Center Movement. The 2018 NACHC Community Health Care Awards of Excellence will be presented during the NACHC Annual Community Health Institute, August 24-28, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. These awards span the spectrum of health center service.

We invite you to nominate board members, clinicians, administrators, as well as public officials, whose accomplishments best exemplify excellence in community health care and contribution to the health center mission.

NACHC accepted nominations through Friday, April 27, 2018, for the following awards:

  • John Gilbert Award
  • Ethel Bond Memorial Consumer Award
  • Samuel U. Rodgers, MD Achievement Award
  • Louis S. Garcia Community/Migrant Health Services Award
  • Norton Wilson State/Regional Leadership Award
  • Aaron L. Brown Memorial Public Service Award (awarded in even-numbered years)
  • Innovative Research in Primary Care Award (awarded in even-numbered years)

[NOTE: The Health Professions Education and Training Award and the Jeffrey T. Latman Leadership in Health Care Finance Award are awarded in odd-numbered years.]

In nominating a candidate, consider the following questions:

  • Who, in the health center arena, is setting higher standards of patient care and quality to better meet the challenges of the future?
  • Who, in our health centers, is driving innovation in health care delivery and improving health outcomes within our communities?
  • Who, among our peers, is demonstrating the type of leadership and advocacy that is moving the nation in new directions to meet community health needs?

Please review the following instructions and documents carefully. Each NACHC award carries its own eligibility criteria. All nominees must be current Individual Members of NACHC for a minimum of one (1) year. The only exceptions are for public officials nominated for the Aaron L. Brown Memorial Public Service Award and for the Innovative Research in Primary Care Award. (As noted, both of these awards are given in even-numbered years.) Nominated candidates must fully meet the specific award criteria in order to be considered. An individual may only be nominated for one award per year. A nomination is complete upon the submission of the following:

• The Principal Nomination Form
• Two Supporting Nomination Forms (the Principal Nominator cannot support his/her own nomination)

You do not need to be an Individual Member of NACHC to nominate or support a nomination.

Contact Susan Hansen at 301-347-0400 with any questions.