340B Drug Pricing Program

The 340B Drug Pricing Program is an essential source of support for Community Health Centers, allowing them to stretch increasingly scarce federal resources and reinvest in patient care. Health centers report that 340B is integral to their ability to provide high quality, cost-effective care to their patients. This translates to better patient care in any variety of ways, be it through improved pharmacy access, extended health center hours, or the ability to provide additional providers or services.

Recent Hearings & Reports 

House Energy and Commerce Committee “Review of the 340B Drug Pricing Program” report, January 2018

Supporting materials for the following hearings below – including witness testimonies, background memo’s, and video recordings – are available on the Energy and Commerce Committee website.

NACHC works with a variety of stakeholder organizations to protect and improve the 340B Drug Discount Pricing Program. To learn more about some of this work, please visit the 340B Coalition website.

Helpful Resources

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