Pharmacy Access and 340B Drug Discount Program

The 340B Drug Discount Program provides health centers the ability to purchase outpatient drugs for their patients at significantly reduced costs. Health centers pass the savings on to their patients through reduced drug prices, and use any additional savings in support of their mission to expand access and improve health outcomes among medically underserved populations.

The Second Edition of the NACHC 340B Manual is now available for sale on MyNACHC. Organizations that purchased the First Editions are eligible to receive the Second Edition for free.

Become a 340B ACE (Apexus Certified Expert)! Health centers that participate in the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program can receive a $100 discount by using the code NACHC2018.

Pharmacy/340B Office Hours

Office Hours are monthly opportunities to learn and ask questions about operational issues related to pharmacy and 340B. They are held the third Thursday of each month (except in March and August) at 2 p.m. ET. Offices Hours are supported under the BPHC Cooperative Agreement and are free. No registration is required, just join via WebEx at the appropriate time. You are encouraged to submit questions in advance to

Slides, handouts, and recordings from recent Pharmacy/340B Office Hours

November 2018 – Focus Topic: Pharmacy Dashboards
Rx Operations Trend Report – JL
340B Trend Report – JL
Sample Rx Dashboard #2 – DM
Sample Rx Dashboard #3 – SV
Sample Capture Rate Excel Doc – SV
October 2018 – Focus Topic: How Apexus Can Support Your Pharmacy Operations
September 2018 – Focus Topic: Medicaid
Manual Chapter on Medicaid
July 2018 – Focus Topic: Is an In-House Pharmacy Right for My Health Center?
New HRSA Guidance for Contract Pharmacies
Contact Person for $50 IUD (Liletta)
June 2018 – Focus Topic: Choosing Your 340B Partners Wisely
May 2018 – Focus Topic: Contract Pharmacy
Manual Chapter on Contract Pharmacy 
April 2018 – Focus Topic: Which Prescriptions are Eligible
Manual Chapter on Which Prescriptions are Eligible
February 2018 – Focus Topic: Self-Audits
Establishing Material Breach Threshold Tool
Documenting Savings Tool 
Office Hours Information 
Self Audit Tools
Self Audit Chapter of 340B Manual 
Policy Issues
Ceiling Prices and Manufacturer Civil Monetary Penalties
2017 Interim Final Rule Delaying Effective Date (NACHC Comments)
2016 NPRM (NACHC Comments) (340B Coalition Comments)

Introductory Webinars about 340B (Winter 2016)

Slides from Jan. 20 , 2016 webinar on 340B Basics
Slides from Jan. 27, 2016 webinar on 340B and contract pharmacies
Slides from Jan. 3, 2016 webinar on Hot Topics: Draft Mega-Guidance, Medicaid, & Intro to Compliance
Slides from Jan. 10 webinar on 340B compliance