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PRAPARE Readiness Assessment Tool

The PRAPARE Readiness Assessment Tool can be used to help identify your organization’s readiness to implement PRAPARE. The assessment can inform where your organization is at and help you decide where you want your organization to be as well as provide guidance on how to become “highly prepared.”

Organizations can fill out the Readiness Assessment Tool online.

PCA Readiness Assessment Tool

The PRAPARE PCA Readiness Assessment Tool is now available for PCAs as of August 2017 to assess their capacity to support their member organizations in implementing PRAPARE and using PRAPARE data.

PCAs can fill out the Readiness Assessment Tool online so that PRAPARE staff can view results to inform training.

PRAPARE Train the Trainer Academy

To support the rising demand for training on PRAPARE implementation and use, we are launching the second round of a free PRAPARE Train the Trainer Academy to build the knowledge and capacities of health center member organizations (e.g., state Primary Care Associations, Health Center Controlled Networks, etc.) to assist their health centers in PRAPARE implementation and use PRAPARE data for state policy and transformation initiatives.

To learn more about the experiences, approaches and lessons learned from our Round One PRAPARE Train the Trainer Academy participants, PCA/HCCN teams developed case studies to support other PCAs and HCCNs with PRAPARE implementation and using PRAPARE data for payment reform and transformation efforts.

Round One PRAPARE Train the Trainer Academy Case Studies 

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PRAPARE Health Center Engagement and Innovation Awards

To broaden our understanding and knowledge of PRAPARE, its use, and its impact to bring PRAPARE to scale, NACHC, AAPCHO, and OPCA are launching the first ever PRAPARE Health Center Engagement and Innovation Awards. The purpose of the Engagement and Innovation Awards is two-fold: (1) to identify, support, and learn from innovative and unique uses of PRAPARE and (2) to disseminate those models and lessons learned in order to accelerate the use of PRAPARE across health centers and more patients.

To learn more about the experiences, approaches and lessons learned from the PRAPARE Engagement and Innovation Awardees, organizations developed case studies to harvest their tested and replicable approaches in order to more rapidly bring PRAPARE to scale while using it to transform care.

El Rio Health’s Use of Kiosks and Tablets to Administer PRAPARE (Arizona) 

Riverstone Health’s Incorporation of PRAPARE Data for Risk Stratification and Scoring (Montana) 


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