State Level Data & Maps

Click on the states in the selection menu to access the following:

  • State Fact Sheets: Provide a brief overview of what health centers are, and the most recent state-level data available for health center patients, services provided, staff, patient visits, and costs of care.  A national profile is also available.
  • Health Center Site Maps: Plots health center locations in your state and underserved populations.
  • Economic Impact State Infographics: Showcases the economic impact health centers bring to your state.
  • Congressional District Maps: Maps of congressional districts showcase where health centers are located in each district, how much federal funding health centers in these districts receive, and how many patients they serve.
  • Primary Care Shortage State Maps: Highlight one indicator of unmet need for primary care: who experiences local shortages of primary care providers, where they live, and how many of them there are.
  • Insurance Expansion State Maps: Pinpoint high concentrations of low income uninsured residents inside and outside health center service areas.

Additional Information:

Key Health Center Data by State: Displays total grantees, delivery sites, patients, encounters, FTEs, percent Medicaid, percent uninsured, and percent Medicare by state.

Visit NACHC’s State Affairs website for state policy information.