NEW 01-14-2019  Ohio
State Fact Sheet: Provides a brief overview of what health centers are, and the most recent state-level data available for health center patients, services provided, staff, patient visits, and costs of care.
03-20-2017  Ohio
State Maps: Include grantees, delivery sites, county boundaries, congressional districts, federal health center funding, number of patients and uninsured patients, and percent of the population by census tract.
08-06-2014 OHIO
Economic Impact Infographics: Highlight the economic and community impact federal health center funding has in their local communities and what impact the Primary Care Funding Cliff would have on states if it were to occur.
03-14-2014 OHIO
Primary Care Shortage Maps: Highlight one indicator of unmet need for primary care: those who experiences local shortages of primary care providers, where they live, and how many exist.
03-25-2014 OHIO
Outreach and Enrollment Maps: Pinpoint high concentrations of low income uninsured residents inside and outside health center service areas.
OHIO (39kb)
Use of Electronic Health Information, provides state level findings on health center use of electronic health information and barriers to adopting health information technology. Based on a 2006 national survey of health centers.