Research & Data

Research & Data

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Research & Data Resources

1) State Data & Maps: Provides key health center data and maps by state as well as nationally.

2) NACHC Research Publications: Lists all of NACHC's research publications by format and by topic

3) Summaries of Studies on health center access, quality of care, and cost effectiveness.

4) Tools & Resources for Research: Tools include research collaboration information, materials on collecting and responding to data on the social determinants of health, materials to build health center research capacity, community engagement information, and health center mapping tools.


About the NACHC Research Department

The NACHC Research Department collects data, performs analysis, and applies information to empower communities in their efforts to improve public health.  The NACHC Research Department also educates the public, health officials, and decision-makers at the local, state, and national level about the critical role of health centers in promoting access to high quality, affordable health care that reduces disparities and advances community well-being.

Are you interested in conducting research with NACHC or health centers?  Please review NACHC's Research Collaboration Policy.

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2016 Survey of Health Centers' Experiences and Activities Under the Affordable Care Act: Click here for a PDF of the survey to preview the questions before completing the survey online.

Staffing the Safety Net: Building the Primary Care Workforce at America's Health Centers: Presents results from NACHC's recent national health center survey of health center clinical vacancies, hiring priorities, and recruitment/retention experiences. If all health center clinical vacancies were filled today, health centers could serve 2 million more patients.

UPDATED: Helping Health Centers Assess and Address the Social Determinants of Health: This initiative has created and recently modified a tool that will allow health centers to collect and respond to data on the social determinants of health, known as PRAPARE for Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients' Assets, Risks, and Experiences.  We will be hosting EHR-specific webinars in June to provide a deeper dive into PRAPARE and how the PRAPARE EHR templates have been used in different health center settings.

NEW State Fact Sheets: Updated State Fact Sheets can be found on the State Level Data & Maps page.










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