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May 17, 2021
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August 26, 2021
NACHC’s 2022 Health Center Leadership 4-part Webinar Series

This four-part webinar series is designed for frontline and midlevel staff who may be new to a leadership or supervisory position. Join us to learn foundational leadership skills needed by new managers, including transitioning to being a leader, creating boundaries, improving focus and giving and receiving feedback. All webinars will have an accompanying toolkit or workbook to supplement the live session.

This series is supported by funding from Johnson & Johnson so that registration is FREE! Sign up for one or all four!

Purpose: Provide a learning opportunity to frontline health center staff designed to improve their ability to manage conflict at work, communicate effectively and stabilize strained relationships.

Registration: Each webinar has an independent registration- sign up for just one or up to all four! Webinar capacity is limited on first-come basis.

Who it is for: midlevel managers, team leads, staff seeking to take on more leadership or management responsibilities.

Cost to participants: Free

Webinar Topics

All webinars will be held from 2:00 – 3:30pm Eastern Time. Recordings will be made available to all registrants for 90 days.

Session 1: October 5: Transitioning into Leadership
Are you struggling in your new role leading others? Is it difficult to move from being a doer to a leader? Are you managing former peers and finding the dynamics of the relationship difficult to navigate? If so, then join us for this session where we will:

  1. Gain knowledge on how to move from being a doer to leading a team
  2. Increase confidence and learn tactics to lead former peers with comfort
  3. Learn a tool for better organizing your to-do list so that you can delegate with confidence

Session 2: October 12: Creating/Developing Boundaries
If you find yourself saying ‘YES’ to all requests, then you may struggle with setting boundaries. Learning how to set healthy boundaries is a key to personal and professional success. In this session, we will:

  1. Define boundaries and understand the advantages of setting healthy boundaries
  2. Learn how to successfully set personal boundaries

Session 3: October 19: Improving Focus and Attention
Do you find yourself easily distracted? Do you wish you could focus better and strengthen your attention? If so, join us for this session where we will:

  1. Understand why we feel scattered, foggy, and overwhelmed
  2. Learn techniques to harness your ability to pay attention more effectively

Session 4: October 26: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is a gift however most of us do not give feedback well and have difficultly receiving feedback from others. If you want to explore better ways to give and receive feedback, join us in this session where we will:

  1. Enhance self-awareness in how well we give and receive feedback
  2. Utilize a feedback model to give more timely, specific, and actionable feedback


Jennifer Hughes, Vice President, CEEK LLC

Cindy Thomas, Director Leadership Development & Training, NACHC

For questions, contact trainings@nachc.org.


These webinars are supported by a Johnson & Johnson Foundation grant as part of the “Our Race to Health Equity” initiative.