Luisi 2015 James Luisi

Chair of the Board
North End Waterfront Health
Term expires 9/2019

Lathran J. Woodard

South Carolina Primary Health Care Association
Term expires 9/2019

Guzman 2015 J. Ricardo Guzman, MPH

Immediate Past Chair of the Board
Community Health & Social Service Center
Term expires 9/2019

Henry Taylor Henry Taylor

Speaker of the House
Mile Square Health Center
Term expires 9/2019

Kimberly Chang, MD

Vice-Speaker of the House
Asian Health Services
Term expires 9/2020

Paloma Hernandez

Urban Health Plan, Inc.
Term expires 9/2020

Michael Holmes Michael Holmes

Cook Area Health Services
Term expires 9/2019

Yvonne G. Davis

Consumer/Board Member Representative
Health Care Partners of South Carolina
Term expires 9/2020

James W. Hunt, Jr.

Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers
Term expires 9/2019