Membership FAQs

Still not sure if a membership with the National Association of Community Health Centers is right for you?  Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding NACHC membership and dues.

General Membership

What are the differences between the Organizational, Associate, HCCNetwork, Corporate, and Individual membership levels?
Organizational Membership: Open to any non-profit or public health center that provides primary care services, governed by a representative consumer-directed Board of Directors and that shares the mission and goals of NACHC.

Associate Membership: Open to organizations that support the purposes of NACHC and that are not eligible for Organizational Membership.

HCCNetwork Membership: Open to any health center controlled network entity that supports the mission of NACHC.

Corporate Membership: Open to for-profit organizations that provide services or products to primary health care programs, and support the mission and goals of NACHC.

Individual Membership: Open to individuals who support the mission of and goals of NACHC.[/showhide]

How much are membership dues?
Dues are determined as follows:

Annual Organizational Membership Dues = (0.90 x total annual budget OR revenue*)  X 0.004

* Revenues derived from all sources including: federal grant(s), Medicaid/Medicare, state, local and private (Organizational dues are capped at $20,000.)

Corporate: $7,500 per year

Associate: $750 per year

Basic Individual Membership: $30 per year

Full Individual Membership: $65 per year

Full Lifetime Membership: $325 one-time

College Health Professionals: FREE

How long does it take for membership to become active?

Please allow five to seven business days for your application and payment to be processed.

When will I receive my New Member Welcome Packet?

You will receive your New Member Welcome Packet approximately two to three weeks after your application has been processed.

My health center is an Organizational Member of NACHC. Are all staff of the health center automatically Individual Members of NACHC?

You will receive three complimentary Basic Individual Memberships for your leadership and staff.  However, we encourage staff members to join as individual members. Learn more about Individual Membership.

My health center is an Organizational Member. How can I get more involved in NACHC?

Staff and board members are eligible to serve on NACHC committees, subcommittees and task forces. In addition, our national awards program recognizes health center staff and Board members for exemplary performance achievement.*

*Individual Membership is required.

Membership Dues

Are membership dues tax-deductible?

Yes, membership dues are tax-deductible.

How can I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership online. Call us if you need assistance at 301/347-0400.

What happens if I let my membership expire?

You will not have access to your NACHC member benefits. Renew your membership online or contact us at 301/347-0400.

How can I tell if my membership is current?

You can manage your account online.  Call us if you need assistance at 301/347-0400.

How does NACHC determine my annual budget/revenue?

Federally-supported health centers and/or programs: NACHC uses data as reported by the center to the Bureau of Primary Health Care UDS system for the most completed reporting period at the time of billing, usually April or May of each year.

Non-federally supported organizations: NACHC uses information as reported in the most recent audited financial statements.

When is NACHC's membership year?

NACHC’s membership year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Your membership dues will be pro-rated to bring it into NACHC’s membership year.

What happens when an organization joins at a time other than at the beginning of NACHC’s fiscal year?

New organizational members who join at a time other than at the beginning of NACHC’s fiscal year are billed for 12 months from the time they join. Membership dues are then pro-rated into the second year.

For example: If a health center joins NACHC in February 2017, it is billed from March 2017 through February 2018. The center’s dues are then pro-rated for four months (March 2018 through June 2018) to bring it into NACHC’s membership year.

Can I pay my Organizational Member dues in installments?

Yes. Organizational Member dues may be paid in annual, semi-annual, or quarterly installments. Membership dues can be paid on the first day of the new billing period. For annual installments, dues are payable on July 1.  For semi-annual installments, dues can be payable on July 1 and January 1. For quarterly installments, dues are payable on July 1, October 1, January 1 and April 1.

Membership renewal statements for the new fiscal year are mailed in either April or May.

Support Questions

How do I log on to the MyNACHC Learning Center?

You can access MyNACHC online at Log in using your NACHC username and password.

What happens if there are changes to the leadership team at our organization?

You can update any changes to your information online or call us at 301/347-0400.

How does NACHC help me earn continuing education credits?

You can receive credits online via the MyNACHC Learning Center (MyNACHC) at  In addition, by attending NACHC’s conferences, participants can also qualify for continuing education units.

My organization is a member of NACHC. Who is able to log in and access member benefits online?

You will receive a unique username and password.  Usually the senior leadership staff, including the chief executive officer, executive director is able to access your organization’s account. In addition, you are able to add delegates to access your account online.