Nurses Leading the Workfore with Care

Nurses Leading the Workforce with Care is the theme for March. Nursing is a multifaceted job, and it requires a lot of flexibility, not to mention innovation and creative thinking. Those things are also critical for any kind of leadership. We celebrate those in leadership this month and share their stories to inspire both current and future nursing leaders in our midst.

One Career, Many Roles

Judy Taennis, RN
Practice Manager
The HealthCare Connection
Cincinatti, OH

Judy Taennis has worn many hats since joining The HealthCare Connection (THCC) in Cincinnati, OH, 27 years ago as a Registered Nurse (RN). Taennis has worked at all of THCC’s sites through the years. She’s had stints in OB, pediatrics and adult medicine, and has held many roles including Supervisor, Director of Nursing and now Practice Manager of THCC’s Lincoln Heights Health Center and Forest Park Health Center since being promoted in 2011. In her current role, she manages the day-to-day operations of the practices, collaborating with all locations to ensure patients receive the best quality services. She is the first nurse in the Practice Manager position, a high-level job reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

What hasn’t changed since she joined THCC is Taennis’ long history of leading the clinical workforce – whether that be through problem-solving, supporting clinical staff, working with employees on job satisfaction, or directing trainings or meetings to motivate staff. She is also a part of the quality team helping to sustain level 3 NCQA accreditation. “It is fulfilling to have the clinical support staff grow,” Taennis said.

One hat she never imagined wearing when she started as an RN is leading the Electronic Health Records (EHR) efforts at THCC. Since 2012, she’s been intimately involved with their EHR vendor during each upgrade, providing EHR trainings to her clinical team. Her goal is to ensure each upgrade launched helps with the clinical workflow and is user friendly.

“We want to help providers as much as possible so they are available to see patients. I deal with making sure the billing coding is correct so providers can get their encounters done in a timely manner,” Taennis said.

At the end of the day, for Taennis it’s not only about her clinical staff but the patients. Taennis pitches in when they are short-staffed and gets things done. Getting to work in this atmosphere is fulfilling to Taennis and her favorite part is getting to know her patients and them getting to know her.