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Re-Imagining Care

NACHC’s Quality Center is currently gathering and synthesizing best/promising practices that have been implemented in the field during this time of COVID-19. These tangible examples of implemented changes are being compiled and will be shared. The Quality Center focuses on three phases of health center engagement around COVID:

  • Response;
  • Recovery/Re-opening;
  • Re-imagining of care beyond COVID-19;

Below are the resources currently available from the Quality Center:

Leading Change: Transforming At-Home Care

NACHC’s Quality Center is leading a cutting-edge pilot project to provide health centers with patient self-care tools to be placed in the hands of patients as part of new and advancing virtual care. With a large population of high-risk patients that are more likely to suffer from a disproportionate array of chronic conditions, NACHC’s pilot project is helping health centers take innovative steps to manage care and offer preventive services in the safety of patients’ homes.

For more information:

  • Click here to learn more about Leading Change: Transforming At-Home Care.
  • Click here to view NACHC’s Transform Virtual Care Guide.

QI Professional Development

The Quality Center supports the professional development of Quality Improvement coaches at primary care associations and Health Center Controlled Networks across the country. This portfolio of professional development opportunities includes: an online self-assessment and learning tool that maps to resources to address skill gaps; scholarships for online courses in health care quality and leadership; topic-focused webinars; and peer-to-peer activities.

Promising During COVID-19 Health Center Practices

As a response to COVID-19, NACHC’s Quality Center launched a Call for Best/Promising Practices Developed or Adapted During the Pandemic. This initiative looked to gather, synthesize, and share changes in policies, procedures, communications, and workflows that health centers implemented in response to COVID-19 to ensure that care would continue to be delivered to those who needed it the most. After receiving 80 responses, a team of cross-divisional NACHC staff rated each submission and awarded the top organizations with a scholarship to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Finding and Creating Joy in Work webinar series.

This document provides a brief summary of each entry while providing a link to the actual submission and point of contact. This robust collection of field examples speaks to the breadth and depth of change and transformation carried out by health centers and their partners as they continue serving their communities during a pandemic response.

Cancer Screening

  • Case studies from the Cancer Transformation Project: Read about the experiences of three health centers that participated in the Quality Center’s pilot Cancer Screening Transformation Project funded by the CDC. The case studies profile two health centers in Georgia and one in Iowa, highlighting their unique challenges and successes improving cancer screening rates through the project, and key lessons learned.
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening Workflow and Documentation Guides for Health Centers: NextGen & eClinicalWorks. These guides provide focused documentation to assist users of NextGen and eClincalWorks software to improve the process of assessing, documenting, tracking, and following up on colorectal cancer screening. The , developed by NACHC in partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS), pays particular attention to assessment of personal and family risk and the tracking and follow-up of screening results that are not addressed in the standard NextGen guidance documents. The eClinicalWorks (eCW) guide, developed by Health Center Network of New York with support from NACHC, ACS, and National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, identifies best practice workflows that support appropriate CRC screening and follow up in the EHR.

To see NACHC’s other work in cancer screening, please click here.


The Quality Center is committed to helping health centers better manage and prevent diabetes. Our work includes three diabetes-related projects:

Improve Diabetes Care in Health Centers is a HRSA-funded project that aims to improve outcomes for health center patients with diabetes through care transformation. NACHC recently released a “Diabetes Change Package” with tools and lessons learned from the past year’s learning communities. We also plan to develop online learning activities over the next year to disseminate best practices for diabetes prevention and management.

Building Capacity in Federally Qualified Health Centers to Improve Postpartum Diabetes Screening is a CDC-funded project that aims to help health centers better identify, track, and support patients with postpartum diabetes. The project works to increase provider awareness of relevant clinical guidelines, improve health center workflows, and better integrate evidence-based family planning into primary care for women with gestational diabetes mellitus-affected pregnancies.

Healthy Together is a free lifestyle change program, launched by NACHC’s Quality Center. Supported through funds from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), this pilot is designed to improve the impact of diabetes prevention and control efforts with the unique use of technology and at-home patient care tools, in combination with lifestyle coaching offered by trained health center staff. The program follows a tailored Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approved curriculum that focuses on healthy eating, physical activity, and stress management for people at-risk or with diabetes. It incorporates a whole-person approach to make the skills and resources necessary to improve health accessible to both patients and their families.

Other Initiatives

6|18 Resources: NACHC developed four resources that support the CDC’s 6|18 Initiative that focuses on six common, costly, and preventable health conditions (tobacco use, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes prevention, asthma, unintended pregnancies, and healthcare-associated infections) and 18 evidence-based interventions to address them.