Leading Change – Virtual Care & Patient Self-Monitoring Tools

NACHCโ€™s Quality Center is leading a cutting-edge pilot project to provide health centers with patient self-care tools to be placed in the hands of patients as part of new and advancing virtual care. With a large population of high-risk patients that are more likely to suffer from a disproportionate array of chronic conditions, NACHCโ€™s pilot project is helping health centers take innovative steps to manage care and offer preventive services in the safety of patientsโ€™ homes. The following guide can help any health center start implementing their our virtual care pilot.



NACHCโ€™s Quality Center compiled three final project report documents upon wrapping up the Leading Change: Transforming At-Home Care pilot project. To learn more about the project and impact, peruse the documents below:

Project Summary: Overall summary of project efforts. Implementation Highlights: Short overview of the project, with an emphasis on โ€˜lessons learnedโ€™ along the journey. Highlights the 20 participating health centers. Case Studies: Deeper dive into the work of four high-performing health centers with an emphasis on their strategy, lessons learned, and impact of the work.


Additional supporting documents can be found below: