New: NACHC Chartbook Features a Comprehensive Collection of Research Findings on Community Health Centers.
February 5, 2019
Community Health Centers and the Plan to End the HIV Epidemic
February 11, 2019
Community Health Center Approach to Patient Health Spotlighted by U.S. News & World Report

“If you stay within the four walls of the medical setting, you miss a lot of what’s going on with your patient,” Ron Yee, MD, Chief Medical Officer for NACHC tells U.S. News & World Report reporter, Rachel Cernansky. The magazine took a close look at how Community Health Centers and other providers are systematically screening aspects of patients’ lives that can influence health, such as housing, food security, social interaction and literacy.  The article notes, “Addressing such variables is increasingly being recognized as an integral part of providing good medical care, as well as a way to curb the country’s skyrocketing health care costs.”

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