Community Health Centers and Hurricane Harvey

NACHC is closely monitoring the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX, and is in contact with the Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC) and Direct Relief, the international relief organization.  In a recent communication TACHC reports that:

“Of Texas’ 75 health centers, 44 had clinic locations  in Harvey’s path. While some center locations suffered infrastructure damage, the vast majority of centers are up and running, with even more back to full capacity next week. Health center staff across the region have shown incredible dedication to their work and patients, ready to return to work despite many suffering damage to their own homes… Our partners at Direct Relief have supported health centers by providing emergency medical supplies, including tetanus vaccines for those exposed to contaminated water, to the impacted communities. The health center community across the country has also responded. Clinica Sierra Vista of Bakersfield, California loaded a 44 foot mobile clinic with supplies and departed for Texas on Wednesday. TACHC Executive Director Jose Camacho stated ‘the cavalry is on its way,’ and we at TACHC are humbled by the generosity of responses.”

Anyone wishing to donate to health centers affected by the hurricane can visit this link. 

Direct Relief has also  announced today an initial $350,000 for emergency operating grants of up to $25,000 each for Community Health Centers in Texas to help address immediate financial needs that have arisen from the devastation caused by the massive storm.

To read the full press release please visit this link.