Virtual Poster Hall

The 2021 Community Health Institute (CHI) & Expo Virtual Poster Hall will only be available on the Virtual Conference Platform. Here you can view posters and videos throughout the event and ask questions to the authors on the Discussion tab.ย 

Poster Presentations:

CP1 – Preparing for Pandemics: Lesson Plan Design for Elementary-Aged Children2021 CHI Poster Presentation Program
CP2 – Prioritizing Preventative Health in Older Adults Residing in Long-Term Care Facilities Through Vaccination
CP3 – Hepatitis C Treatment and Management Efficacy in a Primary Care Setting
CP4 – Near North Quality Improvement Program: IPV Education, Awareness, and Resources
CP5 – Teach-Back Method in Helping Patients Understand Their Diagnosis of Hypertension and/or Diabetes
CP6 – Pour Some Sugar on Me: An Analysis of Diabetes Telehealth Follow-Ups
CP7 – Examining Patient and Provider Perspectives of Telemedicine in a Community Health Clinic Setting
CP8 – Virtual Health and Wellness Program for Elementary Students
CP9 – Reviewing the Medical Utility of Incorporating Racial Identifiers in Common Diagnostic Tools
CP10 – Team-Based Approach Including Behavioral Health, Nutritionist, and Primary-Care Physician to Improve Weight Management in Obese Patients at Community Health Centers
CP11 – Mini Docs: A Novel Online Course Delivery to Empower Student Advocates for SARS-CoV-2 Safety on Oahu
CP12 – Culture, COVID-19, and Community Impact
CP13 – Why Patients Do Not Follow Through With Behavioral Health Referrals: Patient-Perceived Barriers in a Community Health Care Setting
CP14 – Exploring Provider Stress and the Relationship to Recruitment and Retention in a Community Health Center System
CP15 – Implementing a Blood Pressure Measurement Protocol to Improve the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension
CP16 – Addressing Food Insecurity by Increasing Awareness of Local Resources in Centreville, Illinois
CP17 – Provider Preferences Regarding the Benefits and Challenges of Utilizing Telemedicine
CP18 – Piloted Enhancements to a Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Program in the FQHC Setting
CP19 – Implementation of an Outpatient Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol at an Urban Community Health Center
CP20 – 2019 Uniform Data System Report: An Analysis of Asian American-, Native Hawaiian-, and Pacific Islander-Serving Health Centers
CP21 – New Immigrant Case Management: Responding to the Southwest Border Crisis in a New Jersey FQHC
CP22 – Identifying COVID-19 Mortality and Social Deprivation Hot Spots and Exploring Opportunities for Health Center Response
CP23 – Quality Improvement Network for Contraceptive Access (QINCA) 2.0: Integrating Reproductive Justice Through a Contraceptive Access Quality Improvement Program
CP24 – The Influence of Meal Delivery on Engagement in a Digital Health Coaching Program
CP25 – CareSouth Carolina MOBYs – Mobile Vehicles to Provide and Enhance Services for Our Patients
CP26 – A Model for Patient Outreach to Address Outstanding Preventive and Maintenance Health Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic
CP27 – The Role of Health Equity Navigators in Improving Access to COVID-19 Vaccines in Latinx Communities Through Community Health Centers
CP28 – Addressing Food Insecurity During the Pandemic
CP29 – Innovations to Sustain HIV and Hepatitis C Screening and Linkage to Care Efforts: Point-of-Care Testing Through Street Medicine Teams
CP30 – Addressing the Maternal Mortality Crisis in the Ambulatory Setting: A Quality Improvement Approach
CP31 – Improving Health Outcomes in Vulnerable Populations: The Medical-Legal-Partnership Coloradoย’s (MLP-COโ€™s) Experience
CP32 – The Role of Community Health Centers in Removing Barriers for Latinx Patients to Mobilize for Health Equity During the Pandemic
CP33 – COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Among Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Employees
CP34 – Adapting Dental Care Facilities to SARS-CoV-2: Reports from National Dental Practice-Based Research Network Practitioners
CP35 – Team-Based Home Blood Pressure Monitoring to Improve Hypertension Control Among Uninsured Patients
CP36 – ACCESS Westside Healthy Start: Impact of Integrated Support Systems for Maternal Child Health
CP37 – Diabetes Care Program: A Nurse-Led, Team-Based Approach to Chronic Disease Management
CP38 – Interprofessional Student Teams Add Value to Patient Care While Learning Team Skills
CP39 – Addressing Social Determinants of Health Through Mobile Medical Van in Miami-Dade, County
CP40 – Bite of HOPE
CP41 – Transforming Oral Health Care Through the Use of Teledentistry Before, During, and After COVID-19: FQHCsย’ Perspective
CP42 – Research Ready: Improving Clinic-Based Research by Engaging Clinic Support Staff
CP43 – Care Transformation: Care Team Roles and Realignment
CP44 – A Multi-Network, Nationwide Survey of EHR Satisfaction in CHC Users