Board Member Boot Camp

An Introduction to Health Center Board Roles

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Saturday, August 27, 2022
Hybrid Event (In-Person and Virtual Participation Options)

* Initial schedule as of June 23, 2022. Subject to change.

Health centers operate in a changing and increasingly complex health care environment. It is important that health center board members understand the role of the board and their responsibilities as board members. Board Member Boot Camp starts with a review of board roles and responsibilities. This offering also introduces several areas of responsibility including quality oversight and financial oversight, as well as advocacy for board members. Additionally, participants will gain an understanding of where to access additional resources about health center board roles to continue their learning.

Who Should Attend?
Board Member Boot Camp is designed for new health center board members. Participants that want a refresher on board roles may also find attending to be helpful.**

All times are Central time. The program will begin promptly at 9:00am. If you plan to attend in-person, please plan to be in the room before 9:00am Central time.

9:00 am – 10:45 am                        Part 1: Overview of Health Center Board Roles

This segment will review the roles and responsibilities of the board. It will also include discussion of the importance of the board-CEO partnership and of the board’s oversight of the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) Health Center Program.

Avni Shridharani, MHS, President, Community Health Strategies LLC

Deborah Morrison, Board Chair, Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center
Alecia Cyprian, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Community Health Systems
Emily Heard, MA, Director, Health Center Governance Training, NACHC

10:45 am – 11:15 am                      Break

11:15 am – 1:00 pm                        Part 2: Essential Components of Health Center Board Oversight

This segment tackles two key areas of board oversight: financial and quality. It will address the board’s role for budget approval, review of financial statements, approval of policies, and the board’s oversight of quality data, among others. The intersection between these two critical components of oversight will also be explored.

Avni Shridharani, MHS, President, Community Health Strategies LLC

Elizabeth Hamilton, MPH, CPHQ, Vice President, Quality and Research, Mary’s Center
Guy L. Fish, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Gervean Williams, MS, MIT, Director, Finance, Training and Technical Assistance, NACHC
Brandon L. Jones, MHA, Board Chair, Greater Baden Medical Services

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm                          Break

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm                          Part 3: Introduction to Advocacy for Health Center Board Members

Patient-majority, community-based health center boards and their members play a critical role in advocating for the health center mission. This segment will define advocacy and discuss the role of the board and the individual board member in allowable forms of advocacy.

Emily Heard, MA, Director, Health Center Governance Training, NACHC

Susan Burton, Director, National Grassroots Advocacy, NACHC
Brandon L. Jones, MHA, Board Chair, Greater Baden Medical Services

Important Information

In-Person Participants

  • Some in-person audience participation will take place via the NACHC Mobile App. In-person attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a smart phone or tablet, and to download the NACHC Mobile App in advance of attending Board Member Boot Camp.
  • Meals will not be provided on-site during Board Member Boot Camp.

All Participants

  • ** Please note this program does not go into detail about co-applicant board roles or governance structures for public agencies, such as county or city health departments and universities, among others, that may receive grant funding under the Health Center Program. For information on public center governance, please refer to the Public Centers Monograph or a short video on Public Entity and Co-applicant Board Roles.
  • Additional topics including board recruitment and the board’s role in strategy will be addressed during the Community Health Institute. Please consider registering for that event if you have previously completed Board Member Boot Camp or wish to continue your learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:            I wish to participate virtually but the start time is very early in my time zone. Can the program begin later?

Answer:               Unfortunately, we do not have flexibility in the timing given the hybrid nature of the event. The event will be recorded, and registrants will be able to access a digital archive of the training.

Pricing and Other Important Information
Participants must register for Board Member Boot Camp separately.

  • NACHC Member Rate $250 (1st and 2nd registrant from an organization)/NACHC Member Rate $230 (3rd or more registrants from the same organization)
  • Non-Member Rate $500 (1st and 2nd registrant from an organization)/Non-Member Rate $460 (3rd or more registrants from the same organization)


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