COVID-19 Vaccine Education Resources: NACHC’s Picks

Establishing confidence in the new COVID-19 vaccines is essential to end this pandemic. But educating people about vaccination takes time and patience. When discussing the vaccines, it’s important to be transparent – about its safety, development, efficacy, and side effects. On this page, you’ll find resources from the Black Coalition Against COVID-19, Farmworker Justice, the National Rural Health Association and others to help you educate your patients and your communities.

Resources for Educating Patients & Community About the COVID-19 Vaccine:

General Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Communications: A frequently updated collection of resources from the Health Center Clearinghouse. Visit website.

CDC — The CDC is the first place to check for messaging and facts about the vaccines approved for use in fighting COVID-19. These resources, in particular, are helpful:

  • Myths and Facts About COVID Vaccines: The CDC continuously updates this page addressing common misconceptions and misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. Visit page.
  • “We Can Do This” Campaign: Social media messages and graphics for a wide range of audiences: Visit We Can Do This website.

African American Communities

Between Us, About Us: By Black Health Care Workers for Black People about the COVID-19 Vaccines: Black doctors, nurses and researchers dispel misinformation and provide accessible facts in 50 FAQ videos that deliver the information Black people are asking for about the COVID-19 vaccines. A project of the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Black Coalition Against COVID. Visit website.

Asian American Pacific Islander Communities

Multilingual and Culturally Appropriate Materials: A compilation of resources translated into numerous AAPI languages, curated by AAPCHO (Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations). Visit webpage.


Vaccine Outreach Resources for Farmworkers (English/Spanish): This COVID-19 vaccine outreach guide for promotoras/es de salud and fotonovela (illustrated brochure) for farmworkers provides information and dispels myths about the COVID-19 vaccine. Created by Farmworker Justice. View outreach guide.

Latino/Hispanic Communities

THE CONVERSATION / LA CONVERSACIÓN: Latinx doctors, nurses and promotoras provide facts and dispel misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. A project of the Kaiser Family Foundation. Visit website.

Health Center and Primary Care Association Resources

NACHC is collecting examples of effective public events and other activities by health centers and primary care associations to build confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines:

Health Center Doctors Talk About COVID-19 Vaccines: South Carolina Primary Health Care Association produced a video on the reflections of four health center physicians on their experiences, health equity, and the response of health center to the pandemic. Learn more and watch video.

Rural Communities

National Rural Health Association Vaccine Resources: Find talking points, sample op-ed templates, tools for faith leaders, and more from the National Rural Health Association. Visit website.

Teenagers and Youth

COVID-19 Vaccine Strategies for Youth: Video of a webinar about Community Health Center Inc.’s approach on the most reassuring and expedient ways to reach youth and their parents during the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. Hosted by Weitzman Echo. Watch video.

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccination: Multiple Languages

CDC FAQs: This CDC resource contains answers to common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and is available in multiple languages. View page.

CDC “We Can Do This” Campaign: Communication toolkits for a wide range of audiences translated into multiple languages. Visit We Can Do This website.

NACHC COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Toolkit: Translated into Haitian, Hmong, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, NACHC’s toolkit contains key vaccine messages, sample social media posts, and radio PSA templates. View toolkit.

NACHC Vaccine Confidence Toolkit

NACHC COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Toolkit

NACHC’s toolkit contains key vaccine messages, sample social media posts and graphics, selfie signs, radio PSA templates, and more resources to help health centers communicate with staff and patients about the COVID-19 vaccines. Translated into 9 languages. Visit webpage.

Selfie Sign Filled Out Vaccine

Vaccine Education for Health Care Providers

NACHC Health Center Posters:

NACHC created these “Vaccination is a Team Effort” posters aimed at health center staff. Download, print and hang them in your health center.

CDC Vaccination Communication Toolkit for Health Care Providers and Staff

The CDC toolkits contain ready-made materials aimed at educating health care providers and staff about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccinations.
View toolkit

Vaccine Education Videos for Health Care Providers: Ad Council

This series of videos produced by the Ad Council and the COVID Collaborative feature Dr. Anthony Fauci and a diverse panel of other experts addressing health care professionals’ questions about COVID-19 vaccination.
View videos