AAFP Calls for Long Term Health Center Funding
February 21, 2020
NEW ON THE NACHC BLOG: How NACHC is Preparing for the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19
March 2, 2020
Dr. Ron Yee, Chief Medical Officer of NACHC Talks with Direct Relief about the Novel Coronavirus

“As the novel coronavirus threatens to catch hold in the United States, all eyes are on hospitals and public health officials. But the nationโ€™s health centers are often on the frontlines as well, keeping an eye out for potential cases, comforting fearful patients, and sometimes even going out into the community to evaluate individuals,” writes Direct Relief reporter Tayla Meyers.ย  She recently sat down with Dr. Yeeย  to talk about the impact of the virus on health centers and patients.ย  ย “I think we want to find the balance of educating our folks but not causing a panic,” said Dr. Yee.

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