Request for Information: Faculty Trainers, Advisors, Technical Experts

Please note: This open call to the public is currently closed until June 2020. All below information is pertains only to the last iteration of the RFI but may be useful if preparing to apply to the RFI come June 2020. Please contact Gina Capra or Emily DeMent with any questions.


Through this Request for Information (RFI), NACHC is seeking information on organizations/individuals who are potentially qualified to provide training and technical assistance services to health center professionals in order to advance the operational performance of health centers nationally. Familiarity with Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act, compliance requirements, current HRSA/BPHC strategic goals and objectives, and the executive leadership and operational implications of the Health Center Program is preferred.

Vendor engagements may occur through June 30, 2020. Engagements are limited to each contract year based on NACHC’s fiscal year, July 1-June 30. Vendor(s) may be retained for a multi-year period of service, based upon successful performance and on-going availability of funds.

See Attachment 1 for full description of vendor expertise sought.

When completing a vendor submission, the vendor should select all domains for which a qualification review is sought.  Upon submission of a complete application, NACHC’s review team will evaluate vendor applicant qualifications on a quarterly basis and in response to this RFI. A determination of “qualified” will enable the vendor to receive future targeted Request for Proposals (RFP) from NACHC for specific training opportunities relevant to the selected subject matter area, including specific dates of service and locations, as applicable.

How to Apply

Proposals must be submitted using NACHC’s web-based portal, which you find in the RFI document. You will need the following information to complete the online application form:

  • Point of Contact Information/Organization Information
  • Name/Description of Organization: specifically state if vendor is an independent consultant, a corporation applicant or part of a joint proposal with other independent consultant
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume for principal facilitator(s)/expert(s) (2 page limit per principal/expert)
    • Please ensure the resume(s) submitted adequately reflect expertise in all areas in which that expert is proposed for qualification.
    • Note: Vendors deemed qualified by NACHC will be asked to annually confirm the status of principals/experts previously qualified and associated with the vendor. This is intended to keep NACHC updated on any significant staffing changes that may impact vendor’s ability to deliver subject matter expertise.
  • Capability statement that demonstrates vendor ability to deliver  subject matter expertise as a faculty trainer, technical expert and/or organizational advisor (2 page limit per SME Category). See role descriptions below:
    • Faculty trainer – capacity to delivery content in alignment with adult learning principles for small or larger group audiences
    • Technical expert – capacity to provide specific professional skills and services to accomplish designated activity or project
    • Organizational Advisor – capacity to provide expertise to NACHC and provide strategic and programmatic insight which informs TTA activities.
  • Sample presentation(s) and/or publication(s) developed and delivered by vendor that demonstrates understanding of the specific subject matter topic, as described in this RFI (20 page limit per each Specific SME Category)
  • Past client evaluations demonstrating quantitative and qualitative feedback from at least two audiences or engagements occurring between August 2016-December 2018 (10 page limit)
  • Sample project implementation timeline that demonstrates approach to planning and delivery of contracted service or product
  • Rate sheet for daily and hourly fees (see template below). No travel costs need to be submitted for this submission
  • Signed statement (see below) attesting to the accuracy of this proposal

Proposals must be fully complete in order to be considered. Incomplete proposals will not be considered. In addition, NACHC will perform a vendor status check in the United States System for Award Management (SAM) to ensure the vendor is not on the federal exclusion list. Any applicant found on the exclusion list will not be considered.

Download RFI for More Detailed Information

NACHC reviews vendor submissions on a quarterly basis. NACHC will notify the vendor within 30 days of next quarter end regarding review of submission. Vendors may apply for multiple areas of expertise throughout the year and re-apply as appropriate.  See timeline below.

Vendor Submission Quarters Vendor Submission Deadline Review Status/NACHC Notification to Vendor
February 1 – April 30 By April 30 By or before July 1
May 1 – July 30 By July 30 By or before October 1
August 1 – October 31 By October 31 By or before January 1
November 1 – January 31 By January 31 By or before April 1

Contact Gina Capra or Emily DeMent with any questions.