Lifting Promising Practices Challenge

Innovative Workforce Practices & Partnerships

A single health center might have great impact in their respective communities, with the partnership of Primary Care Associations (PCAs) that impact can have a ripple effect to other communities in the state and even nationally. Health centers sit at the core of a rich ecosystem and part of that ecosystem are PCAs. They are crucial organizations that support and advance policy goals and operational excellence for nearly 1400 community health centers serving more than 28 million individuals nationally.

NACHC’s Quality Center and Center for Community Health Innovation (CCHI) are coming together and seek to identify four (4) PCAs to lift an Innovative Workforce Practice & Partnership in their state. At the Quality Center and CCHI, we believe that the innovative practices we put in place today can help the current workforce challenges and prepare us to better face the challenges of tomorrow. How can your PCA help tackle the workforce challenges in your state and help inform the future solutions?

This challenge is made possible by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, which will allow each of the winning PCAs to receive $50,000 to help in the process. We will ask PCAs to:

  • Identify one innovative workforce practice from a health center in their state and/or region.
  • Identify 2-3 additional health centers that would like to implement this innovation.
  • Develop an implementation roadmap, in partnership with their health centers, that utilizes human centered design techniques.

While PCAs members extend beyond FQHCs at times, when NACHC indicates ‘health centers’ this refers to FQHCs and/or FQHC Look-a-Likes only.

But you won’t be in this process alone. Once the PCAs and health centers are identified they will walk through a human centered design training to develop the implementation roadmap together.

The human centered design training will help create solutions that respond to people’s feedback and experience. The approach is familiar to the health center movement, which has always centered people receiving services at the health center and the community in its model. This training will seek to formalize some of the processes and bring some new techniques that can improve the work of both PCAs and health centers beyond this challenge.


About CCHI

NACHC’s Center for Community Health Innovation (CCHI) works to identify, support, and replicate ground-breaking approaches to practice innovation, workforce development and collaborative arrangements in the delivery of community-based health care. The CCHI will evaluate existing best and promising practices and determine opportunities for value and scalability to further the health center mission. The goal of the CCHI is to prepare Community Health Centers for sustainable operational and clinical success, building on their unique, 50-plus year history and commitment to equity and access.

About the Quality Center

Information Needed.


CCHI Lifting Promising Practices Challenge Timeline

Stage 1: PCAs Invitation

Through the partnership with the Quality Center, CCHI will send personalized invitations to PCAs currently participating in Elevate. To receive an invite PCAs will have to:

  • Have at least 1 health center participating in Elevate 2022. Complete your registration here.
  • Have 1 PCA staff completed their individual Value Transformation Framework (VTF) assessment. Assessments are available here.

Stage 2: Health Center Invitations

Between August-September, PCAs will identify the health center innovative practice they would like to showcase and the health centers that would like to implement the solution. To help with this process, NACHC’s team have developed a series of collateral outreach materials to help on getting the message to your health centers.

Outreach Materials:


  • Call for Innovative Practices
  • Call for Collaborators


  • Example Responsibility Map
  • Innovative Practices Submission Template
  • Collaborators Submission Template


  • FAQ
  • Informational Recording

Stage 3: Application, Review and Award

Submission form will be provided at a later date.

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel made up of NACHC staff and Johnson & Johnson partners.  All submissions will be ranked based on: Innovation, Replicability, and Sustainability. See scoring card here.

Stage 4: Training and Development of Roadmap

From October to December 2022, the winning organizations will receive training to develop the implementation roadmap utilizing Human Centered Design techniques. Upon finishing the implementation roadmap, we would like to extend the opportunity to showcase the innovative roadmaps to a national audience utilizing the Elevate Learning Forum, where PCAs and health centers will come together to share their solution and any lessons learned.

TBD In-Person Meeting: Potential in-person gathering during the PCA/HCCN Conference in November between the selected PCAs.

Post Roadmap Development

After the development stage, PCAs will be able to utilize the roadmap to guide their health centers in the implementation stages. All guides will also be posted on an open-sourced platform that will allow other health centers to utilize the different roadmaps to innovate on their own health centers.

The project lead for this project is Camila Silva, Deputy Director, Innovation. If you have any questions, please submit them to