Legislative Mandates Restricting Uses of Federal Grant Funds

Legislative Mandates Restricting Uses of Federal Grant Funds

The annual Appropriations Acts funding the Department of Health and Human Services state that federal grant funds cannot be used to support certain specific activities.ย  These restrictions, called the legislative mandates,ย generally recur on a continuing annual basis with the passage of a new Appropriations Act, and are restated in guidance issued by the Office of Federal Assistance Management (โ€œOFAMโ€) within HRSA. A copy of the HRSA guidance for fiscal year 2020, Bulletin Number 2020-04E ย is linked below, and is also available on the โ€œManage Your Grantโ€ page of HRSAโ€™s website.

NACHC is pleased to provide health centers with a sample Policy and Procedure to address these Legislative Mandates. Note that this is only a template, and that it must be modified to reflect your health centerโ€™s operations. Also, health centers are encouraged to closely review the Legislative Mandates prior to adapting and adopting the attached Policy and Procedure.

Sample Policy and Procedure on Legislative Mandates Restricting the Uses of Federal Grant Funds

HRSA External Grants Policy Bulletin 2020-04 re: Legislative Mandates in Grants Management for FY2020

This page covers an emergent topic facing health centers and may be updated periodically to be responsive to those issues. This provides general information and is not legal advice. Consult with an attorney who can advise your organization based upon Local, State and Federal laws.