Health Center Growth and Development

Whether you’re just starting a health center or looking to expand the size and services of an existing center, the National Association of Community Health Centers is here to help. NACHC offers resources to support the application and readiness process, regional and national training opportunities, and technical assistance.

This website contains resources to help you develop or strengthen governance structure, clinical services, administration, and finance. In addition, we provide information important to health centers regarding federal grant requirements and legislation.

If you can’t find what you need here, or need more information, contact Ted Henson, Director, Health Center Performance and Innovation at 301-347-0474.

Program Requirements-Related Resources

  • NACHC Webinar Series: The Operational Site Visit – What You Need to Know to Prepare for and Succeed During Your OSV | June 23 & 25, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:30 PM ET |  This 2-part webinar series provides health center professionals with a practical overview of the Health Center Program Requirements and how to prepare for the HRSA Operational Site Visit. Webinar faculty include three independent consultants — a fiscal, governance, and clinical consultant — who actively perform OSVs. The webinar will focus on preparing health centers for full, continuous compliance. Click here for the webinar’s website and to register; click here for the brochure.
  • Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Health Center Prgram Requirements
    • Health Center Program Compliance Manual: Known as the “Compliance Manual,” this document is HRSA’s principal resource to assist health centers in understanding and demonstrating complaince with the Health Center Program requirements. Click here for more information on the Compliance Manual.
    • Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol (SVP): Known as the Site Visit Protocol, this document is HRSA’s principal tool for assessing compliance with Health Center Program requirements during Operational Site Visit (OSVs). Click here for more information on the Site Visit Protocol.
  • Webinar Series: De-Mystifying the Compliance Manual | Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fiddel | March 25 – April 21, 2020 | NACHC Members are eligible for a discount. Click here for more information.

Past Training Events

  • 2020 Starting with Success: Building and Enhancing Your Health | January 14-15, 2020 | Long Beach, CA: Aimed at new, veteran, and future health center leaders, this “Health Center 101” training leads participants through the complexities of the HRSA Health Center Program Requirements and outlines components of a high-performing health centers finances, operations, governance, and clinical service delivery models.

Key NACHC Resources

  • So You Want to Start a Health Center (September 2019): This publication provides a guide for health care providers, organizations, public agencies, or community-based organizations and individuals interested in becoming part of the Health Center Program.
  • Funded! Now What (November 2019): This publication provides a guide for health centers that received their first new access point award and are new, 330-funded, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). The guide provides an overview of the Health Center Program requirements and includes checklists to assist with the opening of the new health center.
  • Public Centers Monograph (September 2019): This publication provides a foundational overview on health centers that are also public entities (i.e. health departments, public universities, etc.).


Additional Resources

  • Health Center Program Look-Alikes: Health Center Program Look-Alikes operate and provide services consistent with Health Center Program Requirements. Look-alikes do not receive HCP funding, but they are eligible to receive other HCP benefits, such as applying to CMS for the FQHC Medicare and Medicaid Payment methodologies, 340B Program, National Health Service Corps providers, and more. Click here for HRSA’s webpage on Health Center Program Look-Alikes.
  • Service Area Overlap Toolkit: This 2015 NACHC publication will assist existing health centers looking to expand their current operations as well as applicants looking to establish new health centers.