Six-part Webinar Series:
De-Mystifying the Compl
iance Manual

Beginning March 2020 | 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

Next session: April 21 | Part VI: Providing Quality Care Through an Appropriate Clinical Staffing Model

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This webinar series is co-sponsored with Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell (FTLF).





NACHC is closely monitoring the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our nation’s health centers. We remain committed to serving health centers and are working to tailor our educational programs to meet the changing environment. You can expect our training content, delivery modality, and time frames to mirror our efforts to provide timely, resourceful and appropriate knowledge, and tips and techniques to all who need it.
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Please note: Although HRSA has postponed Operational Site Visits (OSV) due to the COVID-19 response, health centers are still expected to maintain continuous compliance with Health Center Program requirements. Now, more than ever, it is critical to ensure your health center is maintaining basic compliance. This series will incorporate pertinent areas that have arisen as a result of health centers’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is an expectation of 100% ongoing compliance with the Health Center Program Requirements. Is your health center prepared to meet this challenge? Given the possible consequences of non-compliance, including 1-year project periods for non-compliance with a single element and potential loss of 330-grant funds, it is critical that every health center be and remain vigilant, whether you are expecting an OSV, submitting a grant or look-alike designation application, or looking to bolster current operations and establish your HRSA compliance workplan as part of ongoing compliance efforts.



In this updated six-part series, FTLF attorneys examine the latest developments in the Operational Site Visit and application review process. Molly Evans, Ted Waters and Marcie Zakheim will guide you through each of the programmatic requirements addressed in the Compliance Manual and Site Visit Protocol (SVP), explaining recent changes made by HRSA and discussing the implications for health center operations.

Don’t miss their insider perspective including lessons learned from recent Operational Site Visits (OSVs) and practical tips to avoid common pitfalls and grant conditions.

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  • Health Center Executive Staff
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Quality and Credentialing/Privileging Staff
  • Financial Leadership and Staff
  • Compliance Officers
  • Administrative / Operations Leadership and Staff
  • Board members
  • Other Staff assisting with HRSA compliance and/or OSV preparation



After this webinar series, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key HRSA programmatic requirements addressed in the Manual and the SVP.
  • Identify specific documentation and updated assessment methodologies necessary to demonstrate compliance, and explore areas where health centers retain discretion.
  • Discuss the newest developments in the OSV and application review processes and general compliance tips from an insider’s perspective.

Webinar Series Schedule



Series: De-Mystifying the Compliance Manual Ongoing
Part I: Introduction and Scope of Project On-Demand
Part II: Establishing the Service Delivery Model and Continuity of Care 3/25/20
Part III: Ensuring Effective Governance and Management 3/31/20
Part IV: The Building Blocks of Fiscal Viability 4/7/20
*Part V: Minimizing Financial Barriers to Care While Maximizing Revenue 4/14/20
Part VI: Providing Quality Care Through an Appropriate Clinical Staffing Model 4/21/20

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