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Podcast: Of the People, for the People — Lowell Community Health Center
November 3, 2021
NACHC Statement in Response to House Passage of the Build Back Better Act
November 19, 2021
Health Center Serves the Unique Needs of Native Americans

The United States has a legal obligation to provide health care to Native Americans. Yet, the Native American community faces significant health status and health care inequities when compared to other U.S. populations. Community Health Centers, like theย Native American Community Clinic (NACC) in Minneapolis, are well-positioned to address these health inequities while also recognizing that certain populations have unique cultural needs. By design, health centers are patient-centered, community-directed, and culturally and linguistically competent. They place great value in drawing leadership from within a given community. This philosophy was at work in 2016, when the Native American Community Clinic hired Dr. Antony Stately as the health centerโ€™s first Native American CEO. Read the blog.