January 16, 2022
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January 25, 2022
In Memoriam: Malvise A. Scott

The National Association of Community Health Centers mourns the loss of Malvise A. Scott, a former Chair of the Board of Directors and close member of the NACHC family. Malvise passed away on January 19, 2022, after a long illness. For those who knew and worked with her, this news hits us very hard as she was so highly respected as a leader, colleague, mentor, and beloved friend.

Malvise A. Scott
Malvise A. Scott

Before joining NACHC as Vice President of Training and Technical Assistance and then Senior Vice President for Resource Development nearly 28 years ago, Malvise served as a leader in the North Carolina Primary Care Association and CEO of Wake Health Services in Raleigh. She served as NACHC’s Board Chair in 1984-85.

Malvise developed and nurtured a number of relationships with both the public and private sectors that benefitted health centers and NACHC, including Direct Relief, CVS Health, and Henry Schein. These relationships live on today as does her legacy of approaching partnerships in a way that always kept health center patients and their well-being as the “North Star.”

She was a teacher – always full of great stories and anecdotes; she was a leader – never shrinking from a battle to do what was right; and she was a friend – always welcoming to newcomers she came across in NACHC’s hallways and our conferences. 

“It will be her strength and determination to ensure communities had access to health care that will always carry us through our own work. She will be missed and certainly will never be forgotten,” said Rachel Gonzales-Hanson, NACHC’s Interim President and CEO.

Memories and tributes about Malvise

Our team mourns the loss of Malvise Scott, a true champion of humanistic care and giant in community health. We shared with her a mission of inclusive care for all. We first met Malvise in 2019 when she was recognized with the inaugural BD Gold Humanism in Community Health Innovator Award. She later spoke at our conference and brought countless insights and wisdom. We grateful for her far-reaching impact, which will continue to inspire us. – The Arnold P. Gold Foundation 

So very sorry to hear this. Malvise and I shared so many laughs and discussions. She was instrumental in helping us form relationships with the retail clinic industry. Her advice was invaluable. I remember so many NACHC meetings where we would catch up and share news. Rest in peace…you did your job!!! – Kathy Grant-Davis, Former CEO at NJPCA 

Dear Malvise, I regret that I hadn’t told you how much you meant to me. It’s been ten years since I left NACHC. I worked with you for 15 years. You taught me a lot. You armed me with the professional tools that I needed. Can’t tell you the many times that I referenced one of your quotes. “Paper and pencil still works,” was my favorite. Sometimes, we forget to revert to the most obvious of solutions when technology fails. You taught me to always have a Plan B. You were right! Thank you ever so much for being yourself. I will always remember you.– Delores Campbell

Rest in splendor dear beautiful Malvise. You meant so much to so many. Thank you for all of the marvelous advice, support, laughs, mentorship, and friendship. I will never forget you. You have helped to shape this CEO. No NACHC conference will ever be the same. Heartbroken with the loss of you. — Judith Watson, Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center 

Malvise was a boss, a mentor, and a friend. She taught me more than she likely knew, and was there for me during good and bad days always. In our two decades, especially the last decade, of working together she would always offer her counsel, share her experiences and stories, and provide support. It is hard thinking that I can’t pick up a phone to have a quick chat, share a piece of good news on a funder, or just to check in how she is doing. I know though she is watching over me, many others who she crossed paths with over life, and the whole health center movement. We are all stronger having known Malvise. – Jason Patnosh, NACHC

Malvise and I never had enough time to ever fully finish our conversations! I always visited with her at her Raleigh home “in the woods” which was always just refreshing. Her mother, Mrs. Lillie B,. and her sister, Jackie, were frequently visiting her when I was in the city at Christmas time. We had a wonderful time reminiscing about out high school days–precious memories! You have now gone to join your mother and sister in that Heaven’s great health care system. May you R.I.H. my friend. – John Massenburg, Detroit Public School Administrator – Retired 

I had the privilege of working with Malvise for a little over a year between 2018 and 2019. She was an amazing mentor, a savvy negotiator, and a great conversationalist. She was always quick with a witty joke and a different perspective, and an unabashed delivery. I learned a lot from Malvise that I carry with me now, and it was an honor to work with her closely for that time. – Maggie Graham, Endocrine Society

As a newbie to NACHC meetings, Malvise welcomed me like she had known me for years. I will miss her loving guidance the most. – Faith Polkey, Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. 

I am so saddened to hear this news. Malvise was a great leader and a wonderful person. She was dedicated to the Community Health Center movement. I am so grateful that I knew her. — Claire Cornell, IT Coalition/INTERPOL 

My introduction to CHCs was working as Malvise’s CFO fron 1986 to 1993. What a great mentor! She will be missed by all of those in the movement. – Doug Smith, Greene County Health Care 

I joined the health center movement in 1984 during Malvise’s tenure as chair of NACHC. Our friendship has endured these many years. Her smiling face and her humor will be missed. – Brodes Hartley, Community Health of South Florida Inc. 

My condolences to the Scott family, you have been a staple for the health center movement for a long time. I have appreciated all you have done to over the years and lift your family up in prayer at this time. Rest in heaven. – Lorie Glenn, Centerpoint Health 

I met Malvise when I joined the NACHC family as. Director of the School.based Health Initiative in 1999. She was always supportive of my work and personal concerns. She was a class act when it came to networking and treating people as she wanted to be treated. I haven’t seen her in a few years but I never forgot her. She will be more missed. – Leslie Morris, Women of the Dream 

Saddened to hear about the passing of Malvise Scott. I have many fond memories shared with her at NACHC conferences, as she was always there to help me. My condolences to her family and the NACHC family.  – Bobbie Maniece-Harrison, Former Board Chair, Ryan Center, NYC 

So saddened by this news. Offering my sincere Condolences to Ms. Scott’s Family and Other Loved Ones during this time of grief. She was a very dear friend and wonderful supportive colleague to me for many years. Ms. Malvise Scott will be truly missed by all who knew her and she will always have a special place in my heart. – Robert Pugh, CDF-SRO 

On behalf of the Advance Community Health Board of Trustees, staff, patients, and the entire Raleigh community, we offer our deepest condolences to the the family and friends of Malvise Scott. It is clear that her impact to the FQHC movement will be forever felt. In an industry where teamwork, community, and selflessness are key characteristics, she personified all three. Although the landscape of Raleigh has changed since she was the CEO of Wake Health Services (now Advance Community Health), advocated for safety net care, and spearheaded the North Carolina Community Health Center Association, Malvise’s spirit of excellence, compassion, and partnership is still evident. So, while we join thousands in the sadness of losing her, we can celebrate the present and future she crafted for us. Advance Community Health will continue to honor her life and legacy throughout 2022–our 50th year anniversary. Thank you Malvise. Scot McCray, CEO, Advance Community Health, Raleigh (formerly Wake Health Service) 

I first met Malvise back in 1989. She was a powerful, passionate leader determined to launch one of the first health care to the homeless projects in the country. I had the privilege of working with her to begin this work as my entrée into the health center movement. Over the years, I’ve admired her directness, focus and tenacity; and I also got to feel her encouragement, wisdom, and support. I’ll cherish her memory and instill her spirit for the challenging days ahead.– Ben Money, NACHC

Ms. Malvise and I had a special relationship beginning four or five years ago when my Mom brought me in to the NACHC office one Friday afternoon. Ms. Malvise bought me a snack in the vending machine and let me shred her papers. From there we formed a bond. We wrote letters during sleepaway camp and we would talk on the phone about her favorite foods at Balducci’s. I will miss her being my cheerleader. I know my Mom and her colleagues will miss her too.– Sydney R.

I am so very, very sorry to hear this news. Malvise was a true champion of the Health Center Program and advocate for underserved people across the country. Her infectious laugh and smile will be missed by so many people, especially me. Our deepest condolences to Malvise’s family and the entire NACHC family. – James Macrae, HRSA

Malvise will be missed she is a sweet person. I will miss hearing her voice.– Shondell Johnson

A true leader, champion of community health centers and advocate for the poor. She will be missed by all who knew her.– José Camacho, Previously with the Texas Association of Community Health Centers

Our team was extremely saddened to learn about the passing of Malvise Scott, a cherished longtime friend of Henry Schein Cares. Countless lives have been touched through her leadership and passion for serving the underserved. We are fortunate to have partnered with Malvise and NACHC for more than 15 years on the Healthy Lifestyles Healthy Communities program and her infectious spirit will be missed by us all.— Henry Schein, Inc. 

I will sorely miss my friend and colleague for over 35 years. What a smile; always laughing. With all of the ups and downs of the CHC movement, she was always there, smiling and moving it forward. We surely have some trying times ahead of us, and the opportunity to shape the next Community Health Center “movement”. I know I will always be thinking of her as we shape the “new normal”. I wish others had the opportunity to be with her. She is something special. God bless. – Peter Epp, CohnReznick LLP

Malvise, your saintly soul and your mischievous spirit forever placed a mark on NACHC and all who worked with you. You were classic good trouble. I love you. Long live your legacy. Fly with the angels, dear sister. – Heather Mizeur, Former NACHC Staff 1998-2003 

Some people are willing to teach, share & help you fly. Malvise was that person for me. As the new CEO of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics 13 years ago, she introduced me to everyone, sat w/ me when I knew no one & was my cheerleader. To Malvise’s family & my friends at NACHC, my heart is w/ you. – Nicole Lamoureux, NAFC

One of my fondest memories of Malvise Scott would be her laugh, it was infectious. I would walk through the hallways at NACHC and hear that laugh. Even on a bad day it would make me pause, smile and then chuckle a bit. She will be so any missed. Rest in peace my friend. –Frances Jones, CCI Health Services and Former NACHC Staff

Malvise hired me in 1978 as CFO at Wake Health Services in Raleigh, NC. I learned so much from her about how to manage and treat people and get things done. We also had many, many laughs on our many trips and travels….she was such fun company. Years later, I was hired at NACHC and my supervisor worked for Malvise. Malvise was so trusting in approving and trying new things and always had my back. We started a new national conference (among many new things)… the Financial/Operations and IT Conference, and seeing her there at the first one, I remember her saying ” well, we did it!!” (meaning we staved off serious opposition to starting a new conference). She was always a mentor to me and many others. Thank you so very much Malvise for being a big part of my life. – Mike Holton, Holton Healthcare – Retired 

This is a sad day for those of us who worked with Malvise and were befriended by her. She was a true professional and a gracious,, charming, kind and generous friend. Her legacy will live on in the many communities that benefited from her leadership. Her memory will be eternal in the hearts of all who loved her. Yours was a life fully lived…rest in peace my friend. – Joan Holloway

Malvise was one of the funniest women I ever met. My fondest memory of her was coming into my office and looking over those glasses before asking me, “what trouble are you going to get into today?” During our private conversations we shared how so many of the “rules” needed to be broken because they were outdated and weren’t inclusive of all people. She would listen to my rants about the need for change in so many areas of healthcare and she always gave me wise counsel. She fought the good fight of faith and enjoyed the finer things in life. May her soul rest in eternal peace. — April Lewis, A. Lewis Academy Inc.

Malvise was everyone’s champion and cheerleader, and always made time for a colleague who stopped by her office. She always asked about my family, and knew all my grandkids’ names. She shared so many funny stories and we laughed at, and through, the joys as well as the vexations that were life. We were friends, and shared our passion for health centers and the patients they served. I have missed sharing Chinese food delivered from Meiwah in the lunch room, and that twinkle in her eye as she smiled a greeting in the hallway, followed by, “So, how have you been?” I always felt like she truly wanted to know! — Darline DeMott, Retired after 35 years with NACHC

Blessed to have had the honor to work with Malvise. — Kristine Gonnella, National Nurse-Led Care Consortium 

I first met Malvise as the very glamourous director of Wake Health Services. She was so competent and generous with her time that we became friends as well as colleagues. Over the years we have shared our expertise with each other and developed many happy memories in the pursuit of our mutual goal of providing health services to all. I am so sorry to lose my friend and I am sorry that the health care world has lost their advocate. — Kathleen F. Harris, CAPT USPHS 

“Malvise was always very welcoming and happy to see a friend, colleague or even a potential new friend. As she would say…”Greetings and Salutations”; always willing to take the time to share a story or a laugh. Malvise had a way of making people feel special. Everywhere Malvise went she made a fast and long-lasting friendship. She was a classic example of humanity. Malvise will always be in my heart. Heaven has a new angel. ” — Carla Devoe, NACHC

“When I first started working with FQHCs and partnering with NACHC I was told, ‘Wait until you meet Malvise.’ I was not disappointed, and valued every moment I got to spend with her both professionally and personally. She was truly a force to be reckoned with and I will miss her wisdom, compassion, warmth, and humor. ” — Matthew Grob

“Malvise showered the NACHC family with love, compassion and nurturing.”

“A living legend in the health center movement–Malvise was the real influencer that you wanted to listen to at a meeting, and the life of the party that you were drawn to after the meeting was over.”

“Malvise was such a great person who embodied so many of the best qualities that exist.”