Instructions for Posting a New Position

The NACHC Job Board is intended to share positions offered at federally qualified health centers, state primary care associations, and/or health center controlled networks. Positions at other health care entities not described above are generally not posted on this board and NACHC reserves the right to reject any posting.

Advertising Rates

NACHC Organizational Members (Health Centers, PCAs, or HCCNs):

  • Job postings are complimentary for Organizational Members.

Non-Organizational, Associate, Corporate, Individual, or Non-members:

  • $3 per word from the first word. Entries must be at least 30 words.

If you have a question about the status of your membership prior to a posting please contact Keisha Mukanos.

NACHC will invoice for advertisements according to the above listed rates at the time of posting.

Submitting a Vacancy

To submit a position vacancy for posting on NACHC’s Job Board, please complete and submit the online job board form. All submissions must include:

Organization contact information for billing: contact name, organization name, address, email, phone number and fax number.

There is an option if you would prefer the organization’s information not be published and salaries are not required to be included in the position vacancy description.

The Job Board is updated every business day, and any new vacancy submissions received will be posted within three business days. Please note that NACHC reserves the right to edit all submissions. Any edits will be reflected in the invoice.

One job per posting please (i.e., no combining multiple jobs under one posting).

Invoices / Payment

  • Invoices will be sent to the individual listed in the Organization Contact information within 10 business days of submission.
  • If your agency has any previous unpaid postings older than 45 days, NACHC reserves the right to remove any new postings until the balance is paid. You can check your balances at your NACHC Login. Once any past due balances are paid and received by NACHC the new job posting will be made live for 30 days.
  • Questions regarding the invoice related to the job posting, please contact LaTanya Lamar.

Expiration of Postings

All position vacancies will run on the NACHC Job Board for a period of 30 days at which time they will automatically expire. To continue advertisement beyond 30 days, the position vacancy must be re-submitted and the rates above will apply and be re-invoiced.

Responding to a Posting

All inquiries and responses to positions posted on NACHC’s Job Board should be directed to the respective listing organization. NACHC can only respond to questions regarding positions within NACHC.

Please contact Keisha Mukanos for questions regarding the job board.