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NACHC’s Leadership Subscription Service

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NACHC’s leadership subscription service is a new offer for 2023, designed to provide a consistent and spaced leadership development opportunity across a full calendar year to all health center, primary care association, health center-controlled network, and partner agency staff to support personal and organizational growth, development, and sustainability.

Intended audience: All staff, with a focus on those new to or aspiring to a leadership/management role in a health center or health center supporting organization.

Program Approach: Bi-monthly Zoom sessions (six session in the 2023 calendar year) supported by an online learning community for group discussion, resource sharing, and conversation. Zoom sessions are designed to be highly engaging and experiential. Participants can expect to be involved in session chats, breakout discussions, and individual reflection activities throughout the 90 minutes.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to…

  1. Identify and build skills in individual well-being, personal and professional relationships, and leadership effectiveness.
  2. Understand the key principles of SOAR, “Success through Observer – Action – Results”
  3. Leverage the collective experiences of the cohort to enhance personal learning and application.

View the Leadership Subscription Service Brochure.

2023 OFFER

Based on the book, Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence: How Extraordinary Leaders Build Relationships, Shape Culture and Drive Breakthrough Results by Chalmers Brothers and Vinay Kumar, participants will be guided on a journey of self-discovery to use the power of language and conversations as primary tools in addressing concerns and achieving desired results, at work or in personal life. Leveraging the shared experiences of colleagues, participants will build the conversational, relational, and emotional competencies that leaders at all levels of an organization can employ to improve workplace relationships, shape culture, and create breakthrough results.  See session descriptions below for more detail.

NACHC’s inaugural series, facilitated by partners at CEEK LLC, is loosely based upon The SOAR Program, co-created by Chalmers and Vinay Kumar.  Standing for Success through Observer – Action – Results, this learning program introduces key frameworks, ways of understanding, tools and distinctions from their book into digestible segments participants can then apply to their daily personal and professional lives.

During the months that a live faculty led session does not take place, a facilitated discussion will be held in the online learning community to further enhance cohort engagement and application of the lessons learned in the live events.

Session Schedule & Descriptions

The following provides a brief description of each of the individual sessions included in this series of workshops. Throughout all of these, participants will practice applying new skills and continue building and strengthening new relationships.

All live learning modules will be held every other month from 3:00pm – 4:30pm Eastern Time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Session 1: Language & Conversations; Learning to Learn
In this session, you will acquire and begin practicing distinctions related to a new understanding of language and conversations. You will also comprehend the connections between learning, language, moods and emotions, relationships, productivity and emotional well-being.

Wednesday, March 15
Session 2: Listening & Hearing; Beliefs
In this session, you will acquire new distinctions (and deepen existing ones) related to listening and hearing. You will become a more powerful observer of beliefs and of the relationship among our beliefs and a wide variety of our results. You will practice applying new distinctions, especially in areas connected to progress toward personal and professional goals.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Session 3: The Observer; Observer > Action > Results
In this session, you will understand, at a basic level, how we actually produce results. You will explore the relationships among our language, our moods and emotions, and our physical bodies. In addition, you will understand the power of diversity and how to leverage it to achieve breakthrough results.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Session 4: Assertions & Assessments
In this powerful session, your eyes will become a more powerful observer of the way you use Assertions and Assessments. These impact your Results in the nature of your most important relationships, your personal productivity, your ability to work together and solve problems, your public identity, and your and others’ emotional well-being.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Session 5: Declarations, Requests, Offers, & Promises
In this session, you will comprehend the creative impact of Declarations, Requests, Offers, and Promises, and purposefully use all three to produce desired Results. You will practice using these in workplace and personal situations to more effectively take Action and create desired Results.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Session 6: Moods & Emotions; Trust; Next Steps
In this session, you will strengthen your ability to live ‘in the present,’ and to more consciously shape and design your Way of Being. You will become a more powerful observer of the way moods, emotions, and trust impact your ability to see new possibilities and take effective action both personally and professionally, work productively with and through others, create and sustain mutually beneficial relationship at home and at work, establish and maintain a health public identity, and achieve and sustain emotional and physical health.

Registration and Pricing

Cost: Registration is required per each individual and is inclusive of all 6 bi-monthly webinars/live-sessions and inclusion in the online learning community cohort. This subscription service is capped at the first 100 registrants. A waitlist will be collected in the case of a cancellation.


NACHC Member Rate: $525
NACHC Non-Member Rate: $1,050
Register online here.
Subscription Service Defined:

  1. You are registering for a 1-year (bi-monthly) enhanced webinar service consisting of bi-monthly virtual sessions supported by an online learning community. Live faculty lead sessions will be held on a consistent schedule – the third Wednesday of odd months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov), from 3:00-4:30pm Eastern time. The first session will be held on January 18, 2023. Any deviance from that schedule will be announced to registrants at least one month in advance of the change. During months that a live faculty lead session does not take place, a facilitated discussion will be held in the online learning community.
  2. Sessions will be held via Zoom and log-in information will be sent to all registrants prior to the session (along with any recommended pre-work).
  3. Sessions will be recorded and made available within the online learning community to those who are registered for up to one year after the session.
  4. This is an INDIVIDUAL registration, and registration is required for each participant. While multiple staff from a single organization may register, this is not intended for team attendance in a shared location. Individual log-in is required, as this will impact the group experience and use of breakout rooms.
  5. NACHC Transfer Policy
  • Should the individual registered for the subscription leave the health center organization, the organization may request a transfer of the subscription to an alternate staff member in writing at trainings@nachc.org. This can be utilized one time during the annual subscription.
  • Should an individual register, or be transferred a subscription after the start date of the first webinar of the annual subscription, they will receive access to the recorded sessions that have already taken place. Their registration will not extend beyond the original start/end dates of the program.
  1. NACHC Cancellation Policy
  • All cancellations must be in writing and must be received at NACHC on/before January 5, 2023.
  • Cancellations received on/before January 5, 2023, will be assessed a $100 processing fee.
  • Cancellations received after January 5, 2023, are not refundable.
  • “No Shows” are non-refundable.
  • To cancel your registration, please send a request in writing to trainings@nachc.org.