Community Health Centers are part of a nationwide network that provides health care to 28 million Americans. Their mission to provide affordable options for primary care in medically underserved areas began more than 50 years ago. Today, they are known as innovators who look beyond medical charts not only to prevent illness but also address the factors that actually cause poor health.  Whether it is an urban neighborhood or a rural farm community, health centers are on the front lines dealing with complex problems that affect population health — the devastating opioid crisis, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and infant mortality. They save the U.S. health care system 24 billion dollars a year by managing health conditions and reducing costly and unnecessary visits to the hospital.

There is little doubt that health centers have contributed significantly to cost savings for the American taxpayer.  Their record of success in reducing costs, improving access to primary care and strengthening our nation’s public health is why the program has earned continued public and bipartisan support from U.S. Presidents and lawmakers.

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