Health Center Stories from the Field

Community Health Centers make a difference in the lives of people and in the heart of communities.ย  They are affordable medical homes for 1 in 12 Americans who live in rural and urban communities.ย  They are gatekeepers of public health when natural disasters strike, such as hurricanes and wildfires. They are frontline responders to the nationwide opioid use epidemic.ย ย  Stay updated about health centers and the work they do on the NACHC Blog. Hear stories from patients and providers on the Health Center News podcast. Members of the media may also contact Amy Simmons Farber, Director of Communications, at 301/347-0400.


Set against the backdrop of the physician shortage and opioid epidemic in rural America, The Providers follows three health care providers in northern New Mexico. They work at El Centro Family Health, a group of safety-net clinics that offer care to all who walk through the doors. Amidst personal struggles that reflect those of their patients, the journeys of the providers unfold as they work to reach rural Americans who would otherwise be left out of the health care system. With intimate access, the documentary shows the transformative power of providersโ€™ relationships with underserved patients.

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