NACHC Launches New Advocacy Initiative

The National Association of Community Health Center’s Campaign for America’s Health Centers (CFAHC) has a launched the new initiative 100K in 100 Days to recruit more Community Health Center Advocates. The campaign hopes to reach 100,000 advocates just as National Health Center Week wraps up in mid-August.

Health center advocates have been an integral part of the continued and growing support for health centers at both the local and national level, often contacting their representatives to ask them to support funding and legislation. The network of advocates is ready to respond when issues impacting the health centers and the patients they serve are being discussed on Capitol Hill or in the White House.

Currently at 80,000 advocates, the CFAHC is within reach of the major milestone. With over 24 million patients served by over 150,000 staff in over 1,300 sites across the United States, support for health centers is critical. Health centers have a history spanning over 50 years and are now largest and most successful provider of primary care. They reduce access, cost, cultural, and social economic barriers to healthcare for the nation’s vulnerable populations. In increasing access to care, health centers provide substantial benefits to the country and the healthcare system, including generating $24 billion in savings for the healthcare system annually.

Health center supporters can sign-up to support the America’s Health Centers by:

  • Visiting the sign-up page
  • Texting HCADVOCATE to 52886 to join the network via text (use the keyword DEFENSOR to receive communications in Spanish).

Current advocates can help sign people up by: