NACHC Podcast: Creating a Culture of Enrollment, A Tale of Two Health Centers

In 2010 President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law expanding health insurance coverage to millions. However, the Supreme Court later ruled that states could opt out of expanding Medicaid, resulting in a system where eligibility varied from state to state and impacting the number of individuals who qualified for coverage. Also impacted were Community Health Centers, who were charged with educating and enrolling the newly eligible.

Health policy expert Dave Chandrasekaran; Patricia Sarvela, Development Director at Partnership Community Health Center; and Teresa Flemming, Director of Financial Affairs at Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation joined us to discuss how health centers in both expansion and non-expansion states were impacted and also share how funding and outreach and enrollment activities helped create new quality programs at their health centers. To learn more about the case studies in mentioned in this podcast visit: