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April 10, 2021
Outreach and Enrollment (O&E) Learning Collaborative Charter
April 20, 2021
NACHC’s FQHC Look Alike Learning Collaborative

NACHC’s FQHC Look Alike Learning Collaborative
March – June 2021

NACHC is leading a learning collaborative to support Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Look- Alikes (LALs) to learn and apply proven models of effective and high-quality financial and operational practices to test and implement changes and create opportunities of learning through peer connections and sharing of best practices.

The 4-month learning collaborative (March – June 2021) includes a combination of content webinars as well as action periods where teams will work on completing an individually chosen applied projects and participate in mentoring/coaching sessions.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a targeted FQHCLAL peer group to share experiences and accelerate learnings and develop an on-going peer network for leaders and managers from finance and operations;
  • Enhance knowledge of FQHC effective practices targeting operational and finance including revenue enhancements and emerging issues in FQHCLAL such as grants management;
  • Support implementation projects based on educational content to apply concepts and enhance learning; and
  • Provide coaching to support for applied project development and implementation, application of concepts, and measuring success.


  • Participating LALs should commit 2-4 staff (2 as a minimum) as consistent project team members. Staff should include at least one senior leader and one “front-line” manager or supervisor that will support implementation of the applied project (e.g. billing manager, eligibility/member services supervisor, front-desk lead).
  • Attend and contribute to monthly workshops.
  • Commit to proposing and executing one performance improvement project that will occur between February – May, 2021; and
  • Participate in “action period” activities (i.e. coaching, office hours, etc.) as possible; and
  • Complete an evaluation 120-days upon conclusion of the learning collaborative.

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