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September 27, 2017
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October 16, 2017
New Five-Part Webinar Series on BPHC Compliance Guidelines for Health Centers

Wrap Your Head Around BPHC Health Center Compliance Guidelines

Webinar Series:  The New Health Center Compliance Manual & Its Impact on the Program Requirements

October 6 – 25, 2017

NACHC and Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell (FTLF) present this timely, five-part webinar series to provide all you need to know about BPHC’s new compliance manual for health centers. Sign up now for approaches to:

  • Determine the key differences between the prior guidance, the Manual, and implications for health center operations.
  • Discuss “tips” to implement specific compliance steps at your health center
  • Discover new approaches to everyday compliance.

Presenters:  FTLF attorneys – Marcie Zakheim, Molly Evans and Scott Sheffler

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