Community Health Centers Fight for Survival in COVID-19 Pandemic
April 7, 2020
New on the NACHC Blog: A Health Center Doctor on Resilience After Recovering from COVID-19
April 14, 2020
New on the NACHC Blog: A Health Center Doctor In Her Own Words: “Taking Care of Each Other In This Time of Crisis”

Kimberly Becher, M.D. and staff at Community Care of West Virginia, Inc., a rural federally qualified health center in Clay County, W.Va.

“We typically provide food to more than 300 families — more than 1,000 people — at one of these monthly events. They are much like the drive-through COVID-19 testing sites. People drive up, we put food in their cars, and they leave. Efficient. This week we provided food to somewhere between 450 and 500 families. We did everything we could to decrease any potential exposures. I was double-gloved, wore an N95, and primarily was a box opener and milk organizer. But I didn’t feel this was a service we could put on hold or cancel. I felt canceling would cause more risk, not less.”

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