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July 14, 2022
Lisa Costello, MD
Podcast: What to Expect When You Vaccinate Your Child Under 5 for COVID-19
July 20, 2022
NYU Langone’s Family Health Centers Steer Efforts Toward Improving the Community Health Workforce

(Photo Credit: Taken by Joe Carrotta, Dr. Luan Garcia arrives on day one of his residency, coffee in hand).

The Family Health Centers at NYU Langone have committed their investment towards improving access to care for underserved communities by aiming to address the nation’s growing health crises through their new Psychiatry Residency program, writes Joan Lebow, communications consultant for Family Health Centers at NYU Langone.

“Across the country only 28 percent of people in need of mental health services have sufficient access to care, and in New York State that’s just 23 percent,” says Isaac Dapkins, MD, FHC’s chief medical officer. “To fully meet that demand, we’d need more than 200 additional providers, a reason why it’s vitally important to start, and expand, this new program.

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