Vice President Harris Celebrates Health Centers
August 10, 2021
HHS Mandates COVID Vaccinations for its Front-Facing Workforce
August 17, 2021
On the NACHC Blog “Why the Climate Crisis Matters for Health Centers and What We Can Do About It”

“More frequent and strong storms and flooding, and extreme heat events, wildfires and poorer air quality will increase food and water shortages creating a shift in populations โ€œclimate refugeesโ€ from within and outside of the US,”ย  writes Ben Money, NACHC Senior Vice President of Public Health Priorities on the NACHC blog.ย  “The greatest impacts are expected in 2050 and beyond, which means that children in our pediatric clinics will experience the brunt of the human-caused impacts for most of their lives…ย At first glance, this may seem outside the scope of health centers; however, the climate crisis is impacting poor and marginalized populations disproportionately even though they have contributed the least to its cause. Individuals experiencing homelessness and agricultural workers are at the most acute risk.”