PRAPARE Electronic Health Record Templates

Please use the following resources to import and configure the PRAPARE EHR templates into your own organization’s EHR system and workflow.  By signing the End User License Agreement, you have agreed to not share these resources outside of your organization without permission from NACHC.  For more information regarding on-the-ground implementation and how to respond to socioeconomic needs identified by PRAPARE, please view the other chapters in the PRAPARE Implementation and Action Toolkit. If you have any questions, please contact


NextGen: Developed by NextGen Healthcare

NEW NextGen PRAPARE template developed as a stand-alone release by the Professional Consulting Services at NextGen Healthcare.  The templates are compatible in the following EHR and KBM versions:

EHR: 5.8.1, 5.8.2, and 5.8.3

KBM: 8.3.8, 8.3.10, and 8.3.11

Access the template and instructions via the NextGen Healthcare Success Community.

This new NextGen PRAPARE stand-alone template has been developed on the latest KBM and EHR platforms, allowing for better data integrity and data mapping with existing fields in NextGen as well as easier integration with KBM upgrades.  As a stand-alone template, this new NextGen PRAPARE template will not be impacted by KBM upgrades nor will its own potential upgrade affect existing KBM templates.


eClinicalWorks: Developed by the Health Center Network of New York

Organizations can build the PRAPARE template in their own eCW systems for free using the resources below.


GE Centricity: Developed by AllianceChicago

Description: v1.07 – version date: 10/18/2016

Please note:  Four fields (Migrant Worker, Veteran Status, Income, and Family Size) are captured on the Practice Management side, in the Visualutions’ CHC Registration Tab. They DO NOT populate on the PRAPARE form. The PRAPARE form does allow these four fields to be captured in the form by selecting dropdowns or free texting, but this may lead to double documentation. Please note that there is a purchased solution available, developed by Visualutions, that can be added to each database that allows each of these four fields from the Practice Management side to populate.  It is a billable product solution that Visualutions can provide to customers upon request.


Epic: Developed by OCHIN, Inc.


Cerner: Developed by Cerner Corporation

Cerner provides a PowerForm to capture social determinants of health with the PRAPARE Tool that is now available for all Cerner Millennium® clients in PowerChart®. Data may come from fields in the registration of the EHR, demographic information or part of the social history data collection. The form may be assessed ad hoc or from an appropriate folder location in PowerChart.

To access and download the PRAPARE Cerner template or for additional information, please contact


Greenway Intergy: Developed by Greenway Health, LLC

Greenway Health developed and released a PRAPARE form to allow the capture of socioeconomic patient data using Intergy and Intergy EHR. Socioeconomic patient data is collected using both patient registration from the Intergy Practice Management platform and the PRAPARE form in Intergy EHR.

User guide reference materials developed by Health Choice Network, a successful nation-wide collaboration among health centers, health center-controlled networks and partners. By providing key business services, strategic initiatives and the latest in health information technology, our members can improve patient outcomes through increased efficiencies and more accessible care.

System Requirements & Prerequisites:

Intergy and Intergy EHR 11.00 or higher

Serializations of Community Health Care (CHC) subsystem

Import of Social, Psychological, and Behavioral encounter note form

Practice Analytics 11.10 or higher (for PRAPARE Filters on Patient Registry Dashboard reporting)

Reference Materials:

Contact Information:

For Health Choice Network Members, please contact us on the Web or by telephone (305) 599-1015. For Greenway Customers, please contact (877) 932-6301 Option 2.


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