Health Center Innovations and Research Summaries

Health Center Innovations Database

NACHC collects innovations from the field on a variety of topics and houses them in a public online database.  The Health Center Innovations Database is meant to facilitate networking across health centers and disseminate detailed information of effective models that health centers can use to replicate promising practices in their own settings.  It also highlights the contributions health centers are making to delivery system improvement.  NACHC collects innovations on the following topics:

Achieving Savings/Lowering Costs
(e.g., ER diversion programs, hospital readmission reduction programs, care management, etc.)
Integrating Behavioral Health Services
(e.g., innovative services or delivery models like telehealth, partnerships, co-location models, etc.)
Recruiting and Retaining Staff
(e.g.,  loan repayment assistance programs, moving costs, bonus programs, training and development, etc.)
Tackling the Social Determinants of Health
(e.g., interventions, partnerships with community service organizations, tools used, etc.)
Engaging Patients and Community Members
(e.g., communication, outreach, education, etc.)
Managing Public Health Crises
(e.g., responding to the Zika crisis, Flint water crisis, opioid epidemic, HIV outbreaks, etc.)
Partnering to Improve Capacity and Plan for Growth
(e.g., co-location models, social service collaborations, business partnerships, local health department collaborations, etc.)
Serving the Needs of Special Populations
(e.g., veterans, homeless, public housing, migrant, seasonal agricultural workers, refugees, etc.)
Using Technological Solutions to Improve Care and Population Health Management
(e.g., telehealth, Health Information Technology tools, innovative uses of the EHR, data analyses, data aggregation/integration models, sharing data with community organizations, etc.)
Expanding Access to Care and Other Services
(e.g., health navigators, community health workers, outreach, removing barriers to care, insurance enrollment, etc.)


These annotated bibliographies provide summaries of articles related to community health centers’ access to, quality of, and cost effectiveness of care.

06-02-2017 Studies of Health Center Quality of Care 
06-02-2017 Studies of Health Centers Improving Access to Care 
05-19-2017 Studies of Health Centers’ Impact on Medicaid
10-01-2016 Studies of Health Center Cost-Effectiveness