2020 Community Health Center Chartbook
Community Health Center Chartbook 2020
January 10, 2020
Share Your Vision for the Future of the Health Center Movement

This past year, NACHC looked at many different areas where health centers have made impacts to the larger health care landscape as part of our 50th Anniversary Webinar Series. We heard how the work of NACHC and health centers improves health equity and advances civil rights, environmental justice, delivers care to veterans, builds a strong workforce , among other critical areas.


Also, NACHCโ€™s Board of Directors redeveloped its strategic plan and called out six priorities โ€“ or pillars โ€“ after feedback from staff and the field. NACHCโ€™s Six Strategic Pillars starts with EQUITY and brings the movement back to this central theme. Learn more at NACHCโ€™s Six Strategic Pillars.

Now we want to hear from YOU about how you plan to play a role in the future of health centers, NACHC, and delivering on the pillars of our movement. .ย 

Watch as NACHC staff describe their vision for the future.ย 

What is your vision for the future of the Health Center Movement?

Submit your answer in writing below or record a video of yourself giving the answer and upload it to our Dropbox account!

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