NACHC’s 2021 Revenue Cycle National Learning Collaborative for Health Centers

May 6 –June 24, 2021 | No Application Fee


This national learning collaborative is a program managed by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). To thank you for your participation there is NO Charge for this training. The target audience for this offering are Revenue Cycle Leads, Front Office managers and support will be needed from IT managers.

 3 Curriculum Components

The Revenue Cycle learning collaborative is composed of three key components or learning modalities to meet your needs, including virtual trainings sessions, webinars, and an online learning community.

All Virtual Training Sessions (2):

  • Two 2 hours kick off meeting at the beginning of the learning collaborative designed for participants to engage and learn through shared experiences and cases studies.
  • A two hours training training at the end of the Learning Collaborative designed for participants to summarize their learning during the Learning Collaborative and create a personal action plan to use as a guide as they continue their professional development beyond the two month program

Interactive Webinars

  • A virtual classroom designed to provide expert coaching and peer to peer interaction

Online Community

  • A “safe space” where learning collaborative cohorts learn from the experiences of others while also sharing ideas, knowledge and practices

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Learning Objectives

You will use the real-life challenges you are facing today to develop strategic leadership skills, health center knowledge, and peer contacts that you can use now and throughout your career.

Participants of this learning collaborative will be able to:

Identify and apply effective communication skills and techniques for building beneficial interpersonal relationships to lead others toward common goals.

Demonstrate the ability to prioritize and make strategic decisions using appropriate data.

Identify and utilize key strategies to ensure productive revenue cycle functions.

To ensure that the group size is small enough to foster connections and meaningful participation, the Learning Collaborative is limited to 25 participants.

Schedule and Agenda

The Revenue Cycle learning collaborative features a two-month, 6-part training agenda with following program domains: program Kick-Off, Leadership and Development Webinar, Key Performance Indicators Webinar, Data and Reporting Webinar, Denial Management Webinar, and Final Session.

View the full Schedule and Agenda.

How to Apply and Register*

Acceptance into the Learning Collaborative is a two part process: application and then registration.

1. Complete the application at this link:

2. Our staff will e-mail you from, confirming that your application is received. Applications will be reviewed by the course faculty, and you will be notified of your status into the program within 7-10 business days of submission.

3. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until course is full (25 participants). A waiting list will be developed once the course has reached capacity, and wait listed registrations will be giving priority registration to either fill a cancellation spot.

*The program is limited to 25 attendees, and it is expected to sell out.  We will offer a waitlist if needed.

What People are Saying

This will be the first national revenue cycle learning collaborative.  This training has been piloted with several PCAs.   The feedback and evaluations from these pilot programs have perfected the delivery and desired outcomes for attendees.  This will be limited to 25 attendees, and it is expected to sell out.  We will offer a waitlist if needed.


  • Very engaging and helpful
  • Made several contacts for the future
  • I think that this collaborative is a fantastic opportunity.
  • Amazing job reaching all learning styles and making a personal connection with everyone involved
  • The information received will without doubt be beneficial to myself and my organization




  • 3% increase in Medicare collection in just 1 month!  Goal of 10% increase. National Drug Codes being corrected to assure claim payment
  • Finding ways to get Medicare to cover the Shingles vaccine rather than not offering it to patients because it was not covered.  KPI of more revenue and benefits to patients too.
  • Found and corrected a credentialing vendor’s errors (assumed rural rate instead of higher FQHC rate).  Started with 6 providers who were not properly credentialed and now down to 4.
  • Decrease in registration errors.
  • Lessons- we ran new reports and found out that an entire site was not credentialed properly.  There had been System set up issues with bundling codes.  Denials were not being worked.

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