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Group Coaching Advantage

Group coaching equips teams to move forward on their most important goals. Our Leadership Coaching Services offer a customized approach to group coaching that is designed to assist in the development of core leadership skills for newer teams or to support existing teams that may need support in collaboration and action management. Group coaching sessions offer teams the support of an experienced facilitator during team meetings to:

  1. Assist in clarifying the decisions to be made and how to frame them most successfully.
  2. Provide targeted professional development relevant to the current needs of the team.
  3. Ensure meetings conclude with all parties aligned with action steps, assignments, and target dates.

Group Coaching Service Outcomes

The value of group coaching for health centers leaders in today’s ever-evolving environment includes having the know-how to be able to:

  • Support and reinforce cultural transformation
  • Implementation of group goals, strategies or plans for change
  • Create a safe and effective forum for group professional development
  • Improve responsiveness to externally and internally driven changes
  • Maintain alignment of small groups with larger organizational objectives.
  • Key Coaching Topics: enhancing teamwork, improved communication, building staff culture, and more…

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Group Coaching (Register Now)