Presidential Proclamation Praises the Efforts of Health Centers Against COVIDย 
August 6, 2021
On the NACHC Blog “Why the Climate Crisis Matters for Health Centers and What We Can Do About It”
August 16, 2021
Vice President Harris Celebrates Health Centers

“Community Health Centers are a testament to our ability to accomplish big things and build on those accomplishments,” said Vice President Kamala Harris during remarks August 10 at NACHC member Unity Health Care in Washington, D.C.ย  In a visit to celebrate National Health Center Week and draw attention to the special enrollment period for health coverage through, the Vice President reflected on the long history of bipartisan support for the health center program and celebrated the contributions of health centers:

“You provide a critical service. You keep our families healthy. You provide a place where people know they will be treated with dignity and with respect … They know they will walk in these doors and be in a safe place without judgment.”

Watch Vice President Harris’s full remarks: