NACHC Million Hearts® Initiative

NACHC and the CDC are partnered together to reduce heart attacks and strokes to help achieve the Million Hearts® 2022 goals. The current focus has been to implement strategies to reduce undiagnosed hypertension, improve use of statins in high-risk patients, improve hypertension management and control for African Americans, and expanding use of self-measured blood pressure monitoring. NACHC is implementing and scaling strategies for health centers to improve performance in the following areas:
Statin Therapy for High-Risk Patients Improving Blood Pressure Control of African Americans
Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring (SMBP) Other Resources




Statin Therapy for High-Risk Patients

The project focuses on improving use of statin therapy for patients at high risk of heart attack and stroke through enhanced care processes to prescribe statins to as many high-risk patients as possible.



Improving Blood Pressure Control for African Americans

This project focuses on implementing evidence-based and promising practices to improve blood pressure control for African Americans to intensify guideline-recommended therapy, increase frequency of patient touch points, improve medication adherence, and increase patient engagement. 



Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring (SMBP)


WATCH: D’Angelo’s Story

The focus of this work is to support the CDC’s SMBP National Strategy, which aims to accelerate the adoption of SMBP as a national standard of care. This is done by addressing key challenges in the areas of community engagement, reimbursement, HIT, hosting a quarterly SMBP virtual forum, and supporting an online community of peers in the SMBP field.


Other Resources

Hypertension Resources:


“Did You Knows” and Quick Tips to prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes: Improving Blood Pressure Control 
Who Are the Undiagnosed? Disparities in Hypertension Diagnoses in Vulnerable Populations
Improving Identification and Diagnosis of Hypertensive Patients Hiding in Plain Sight (HIPS) in Health Centers

Million Hearts: Leveraging Health Information Technology (HIT), Quality Improvement (QI), and Primary Care Teams to Identify Hypertensive Patients
Hiding in Plain Sight (HIPS)



Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Change Package (PDF guide)
Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Champions

Fixed-Dose Combination Antihypertensive Medication Coverage by State Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations


Hypertension Medication Treatment Protocol
Validated Device Listing
Release the Pressure Campaign

With Every Heartbeat is Life
Surgeon General’s Call to Action for Hypertension (Full Report)
Behavioral Health Hypertension Toolkit and accompanying video overview

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Resources:
SMBP Joint Policy Statement 2020