2023 Primary Care Association (PCA) & Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) Conference

Omni Louisville Hotel
Louisville, KY
November 13-15, 2023

NACHC is delighted to convene all PCAs, HCCNs, and NTTAP partners for the 2023 PCA and HCCN Conference, taking place in Louisville, KY, November 13-15! Because PCAs, HCCNs, and NTTAPs play a vital role in the direct support of nearly 1400 health centers and look-a-likes, this year’s Conference focuses on policy, data, operations, payment, and workforce, all centered around building partnerships and strategies for the equitable care of health center patients. Please join us as we engage in discussions to further align advance the health center movement toward more equitable patient care for the more than 30 million patients served every day. NACHC is excited to have you participate in this fantastic event designed by and for PCAs, HCCNs, and NTTAPs!

For more infor­ma­tion about the con­fer­ence, please con­tact us at trainings@nachc.com or 301–347-0400.

NACHC is a nonpartisan and noncommercial organization. Conference speaker presentations may not necessarily reflect the views of NACHC and the presence of vendors, exhibitors and sponsors does not constitute endorsement of their respective products or services.