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Health Equity Learning Collaborative

Health Equity Learning Collaborative

Learning collaborative applications are due Friday, January 26, 2024.


The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) is hosting a Health Equity Learning Collaborative aimed at exploring how health centers are utilizing social drivers of health (SDOH) data, patient and community voice, and community partnerships to advance health equity. This learning collaborative will weave together health equity concepts and strategies that many health centers are considering or implementing while intentionally digging deeper to understand the root causes of health inequities. The purpose of the learning collaborative is to build upon current health center knowledge and understanding of SDOH and health equity by applying principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and exploring the areas of intersection and interdependence.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the learning collaborative, participants will:

  • Develop an awareness of how the complex interrelationships between identity, power dynamics, privilege, influence policies, systems, and structures.
  • Understand the significance of incorporating community voice in health equity efforts to identify potential strategies for community engagement.
  • Understand how SDOH screening, community voice, and partnerships can support systemic transformation within health centers and other community health efforts.
  • Explore promising practices and strategies for enhancing health outcomes among racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse groups, as well as priority populations.


  • Participating Community Health Centers (CHCs) will need to allocate a project team consisting of 1-4 staff members. Staff members should be consistent throughout the learning collaborative to ensure ongoing participation and knowledge retention. It is strongly recommended to have at least one senior leader, manager or director to participate.
  • Attend and contribute to each of the learning collaborative sessions, including completing homework assignments.  
  • Complete an evaluation at the end of the learning collaborative and 90-days after the conclusion of the learning collaborative. Both evaluations are part of the HRSA reporting requirements for T/TA activities. 


  • Wednesdays, at 2pm ET every three weeks, March – May

    • February 28, 2024: Overview on SDOH, Health Equity, the role of SDOH Data within Health Equity Efforts
    • March 20, 2024: Health Inequities amongst Racial and Ethnic groups and Priority Populations
    • April 10, 2024: SDOH Screening (Part 1) – Importance of SDOH Screening and Workflow Considerations
    • May 1, 2024: SDOH Screening (Part 2) - Strategies for Patient-Centered SDOH Screening and Sensitive Conversations
    • May 22, 2024: Leveraging Community Voice to Prioritize Health Equity Efforts
    • June 5, 2024: Powerful Community Partnerships: Moving Beyond Referrals for Systems-level Transformation
    • June 12, 2024: Guest Speaker – Capital Link: A Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Factors Contributing to Health Inequities

If you have any questions, please contact Cloé Destinoble, Project Manager, Equitable Health, and Well-Being, at


Jul 17 2024


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    Dates: Wednesdays, at 2pm ET every three weeks, March – May

National Health Center week: August 4 - 10

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